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Yacht -- "So Post All 'Em" (I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Review by Alejandra Olmedo

YACHT, aka Jona Bechtolt, started out as a side project during his days with the Blow. Bechtolt, hailing from Portland, Oregon, has released a slew of albums since its formation, a total of seven albums since 2003 is something to boast about for this one man band. However, throughout these albums he has collaborated with a who’s who in the indie scene. With such big hitters like Devendra Banhart, Calvin Johnson and the Dirty Projectors just to name a few, contributing facilitates the conception of albums. The jangly indie pop and electropop sounds of YACHT draw comparisons to indie darlings Neon Indian, Girls and Volcano Fire. Meanwhile, Bechtotl’s vocals are quirky, silly and echo that of Volcano Choir’s Justin Veron.

So Post All’Em, is the first track of YACHT’s 2007 release, I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real, sets up the tone of the 13 track album. Kicking off with a guitar and bongo intro mixed with electro chimes and beats sets up what is to come in So Post All’Em, whimsical lyrics and catchy beats. Meanwhile, the bongo solo midway through the track, makes the song all the more infectious with underlying electro beats. Although, this song has relatively simple lyrics with “I couldn’t say no. But I learned how to say yes,” it does not detract from the overall fun tone of the song. With whimsical sweet vocals, it is difficult to listen to this song and not crack a smile. Its infectious little beat will keep you humming throughout the day. Ultimately, Bechtolt manages to make a catchy and unique with simple yet complex techniques and lyrics, all in under four minutes!

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So Post All 'Em (mp3)


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