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Nana Grizol -- "For Things That Haven't Come Yet"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review by Amy Jorgensen

Singer/songwriter Theo Hilton formed the infectious indie-pop band, Nana Grizol, in 2007 after being involved in Elephant 6 Recording Company, who had previously worked with bands such as Neutral Milk Hotel and Of Montreal. “For Things That Haven’t Come Yet” is one of the many beautifully crafted songs off of their sophomore album “Ruth” that was released earlier this year.

“For Things That Haven’t Come Yet” begins with a contagious mix of brass instruments and catchy drumming patterns that draw the listener into its delightfully contagious lyrics. The song contains upbeat portions as well as more mellow and relaxed segments that leave the listener focusing on the singer rather than getting distracted by the pleasantly catchy array of music. When the music slows down and takes a secondary role in the song, the lyrics take on a dreamier feel. For example like when the singer states “I had a dream about parking lots, and shopping malls” and later stating that “when we wake up it's always the same” the music slows and gives the listener a better chance of hearing what the singer is trying to say. However, right after this portion, the music swells and prepares the listener for the happily upbeat mix of intricate horn arrangements as well as extremely likeable drum line once again.

“For Things That Haven’t Come Yet” displays, with quirky perfection, that pleasantly nervous, folky type of singing that Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes have made famous. Containing down to earth lyrics that speak to the listener “For Things That Haven’t Come Yet” contains a message that has the ability to reach out to the hearts of many. I believe that Nana Grizol is trying to persuade their listeners to live life to the fullest, “don't live your life like it's already gone” and not get hung up on things that haven’t even happened yet, thus the song title “For Things That Haven’t Come Yet.”

Nana Grizol’s “For Things That Haven’t Come Yet” is an example of indie-pop at it’s best containing catchy drums, a unique mixture of instruments and tasteful lyrics that leave you thinking about life in general.

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