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Friday, March 20, 2009

Finals are over :)

Hi everyone,
(shoutout to LARC tutees)

I had FIVE finals these past 2 weeks so I haven't had any free time whatsoever: This is what I remember from memory as I'm writing this post:

1. glycolysis: hexokinase, pgi, pfk1, aldolase (schiff base), tpi, GAPDH poisoned by arsenate, PGK, PGM, enolase, PK.
2. gluconeogenesis: Pyruate carboxylase uses biotin, pepck uses a gtp, f16bpase, g6pase
3. pdh: e1- co2 e2- acetyl Coa, e3- nadh
4. TCA: citrate synthase, aconitase, isocitrate dh, kgdh, succinyl Coa synthetase, succinate dh, fumarase, malate dh
5. fatty acid oxidation: LIPASE into glycerol + free fatty acid: fatty acyl Coa Synthetase, link to carnitine, transport to mito, beta oxidation: acyl Coa dh, enoyl coa hydratase, hydroxyacyl coa dh, 3 beta ketothiolase
6. fatty acid biosynthesis: acc, FAS: acp with PPT, mat, ks, kr, dh, er, te
7. Amino acid degradation: amino transferase, glutamine synthetase, glutaminase, glutamate dehydrogenase (and alanine aminotransferase)
8. urea cycle: pre = carbomoyl phosphate synthetase, OTC, arginosuccinate synthetase , arginosuccinase = aspartate arginosuccinate shunt of the citric acid cycle, arginase

WOW THAT was a lot from MEMORY without looking!!! What a quarter.

Hope yours wasn't as stressful!


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