Confessions of a College Student - Hosted by Randy Luu

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Show #3 Save your Drama For your Mama, or in this case for Randy ;)

Hey all!

So by the third show on Jan 25, 2009, I think I finally got everything now machine-wise with those machines! but you never know what malfunctions could still happen...

Thanks for all those who called in so early in the morning, you're all awesome. If you guys have any questions/comments you would like me to respond on air next week, send them to me at Seriously, send me anything!

This is an example of one question someone anonymously sent me last week. Thanks whoever sent it and sorry to hear. I'll answer it next week:

"Randy!! i recently found out my roommatd [roommate] has been using my bars of soap, I find it disturbing cus its dirty ewww :( :(. How can I confront this issue? (for your info - I use her printer paper so I don’t know how to [tell] her [to stop])"