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 KUCI Management

Broadcast Media Coordinator /General Manager
staff advisor, station polices and practices, station tours, and general business
Kevin Stockdale

Music Director
getting your music played, music policy

Jazzlyn Dysart
(949) 824-4561 (Direct Line)

News Director
Cindy Ly Rozas

Public Affairs Director
public affairs/talk shows, interviews and guests
Kimberlee Martin

Program Director
scheduling of shows and DJs
(does not program music. contact music director)

Nikki Constantine

Co-Promotions Directors
on-air giveaways: tickets, merchandise
Athena Matsudo
Stephen Masnyj

Marketing Director
Adam Espindola

Claudia Shambaugh

Operations Manager
responsible for maintenance of operating logs and other internal operations
Lily Colovic

Productions Director
public service announcements, drops, station id and disclaimer creation
Alex Morrow

Training Director
volunteer at KUCI
Chris Torrey

Volunteer Coordinator
coordinators tasks and projects for current staff members
Athena Matsudo

Program Guide Editor
Calvin Gantt

Music Librarians
Kierstin Brehm & Valerie Streeter

Facebook Manager
Athena Matsudo

Computer Systems Manager
Josh Burley

Assistant Computer Systems Manager
Mason Sedlik

Web Operations
Josh Burley - Web Tech
Nathan Callahan - Webmaster
Kevin Stockdale - Web Advertising

Acting Assistant Engineer
Kevin Stockdale

Recording Engineer:
oversees sounds mix and recording of live band performances
Heather McCoy

 Submit a Public Service Announcement

KUCI can produce and air public service announcements for non-profits.

Please allow 3 weeks advance notice.

KUCI cannot guarantee that a given submission will be broadcast.

If you'd like to submit a public service announcement to KUCI, please email our production department with your request including:
• the name of the organization
• the website of the organization
• the contact email address
• the information phone line of the organization
• the text of PSA

 Submit Music to KUCI

If you would like to submit music to KUCI for possible airplay, please mail a CD, CD-R, vinyl record, cassette tape, 8-track, or wax cylinder with a track listing to the following address:

KUCI 88.9 FM
c/o Music Director
PO Box 4362
Irvine, CA 92616   

Please make sure that your package will withstand the hardships of snail mail.

At this time, we do not accept digital submissions, and furthermore, will most likely not listen to your MySpace page. We are a volunteer run station and there is simply not enough hours in the day to spend downloading MP3s and waiting for MySpace players. Plus, MySpace's audio quality is awful and not at all radio-ready.

If you've already submitted your music to be played and are curious if it has been added to our new release section, you are welcome to send an email inquiring so but, again, there is not enough time for us to reply personally to every artist who has mailed us music. Instead, please check kuci.org and take a look at weekly adds and charts to see if your record is being played. Once in a while, we may have a moment to tell you, Yes, your CD is spinning! More often than not, though, we have already spent many hours poring over dozens of CDs (including yours) and really can't turn around and tell everyone if they've made the cut or not.

If your music is of a certain genre, you may want to address your package as such: if it is a l CD, or an experimental CD, so on — please replace "Music Director" in the above mailing address with "(Genre) Director." Furthermore, if you want to mail your CD to a particular host, who perhaps plays the same kind of music as yours, please do so! Simply replace "Music Director" in the above mailing address with "(Show Host/Show Name)." This is an excellent way to get in touch with DJs who are perhaps more likely to play your particular brand of music as you aren't lost in the much larger "Rock" heap.

Remember, we at KUCI strive to play music that is DISTINCT from what you hear on commercial, mainstream radio. With this said, please look at our program schedule prior to mailing us your music and make sure you are not wasting your own or our time. Seriously!

Basically, just remember you are sending your music to a real human person who has probably a million real human things going on in their life: we WILL listen to your music and if we think it fits our programming and philosophy it WILL be played.

Lastly, do not email anyone other than the Music Directors about your music being played on KUCI. Do NOT contact the Program Director, the General Manager, Promotions Director, et cetera; emailing everyone about your band is never a good idea, and more often than not, a ticket to the reject pile.

Bearing all aforementioned in mind, hit the post office!

 Contact KUCI

Email KUCI
(general inquiries only not requests)

ISDN / Tape sync / Recording
$105.00 per hour Mon-Fri between 9:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Pacific time. (Arrangements can also be made to schedule outside of these normal hours).
Weekday rentals before 9:30 A.M. are also available at no extra charge but availability may be limited.
$130.00 per hour for studio usage scheduled for evenings or weekends.
Our studio is equipped for voice work only. No rentals for music recording.

Cassette tape or vinyl LP transfer to digital

$35.00 per tape or record

Additional fees

$25.00 fee if less than 24 hours notice scheduling studio time.
$25.00 fee if less than 2 hours notice of cancellation is given, applied to the next rental


48 hour scheduling notification preferred to guarantee reservation
Rental Contact
Kevin Stockdale
(949) 824-4582

Request Line

Business Line

Mailing Address
KUCI 88.9 FM
PO Box 4362
Irvine, CA 92616

Tours of KUCI
KUCI happily offers tours of the KUCI studios to Cub Scouts or any other group or organization. Tours are typically scheduled at 5:00 PM on Thursdays, but we can make other arrangements if necessary. We would prefer to have at least 2 weeks notice. For more info or to schedule a tour, contact Kevin Stockdale, Broadcast Media Coordinator, at kevin@kuci.org.

KUCI Intranet (staff only)

Staff Blog Instructions

KUCI Public Affairs (Staff Only)

Request a KUCI Intranet Account (staff only)


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