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I originally started Bombay Beat Science in October of 2002 with the kind support of close friends and family urging me to share this music - my passion - with everyone on the air. Anyone who knows me, knows that without music my life would be void. Indian music, in particular, is closest to my heart, as I consciously remember hearing the 16 beat Teental on the tablas on my dads old record player... I must have been 4 yrs old.

I still laugh sometimes when I remember the pain of learning Indian music when I was 9. While other kinds in my block were out throwing a football around, I was sitting with my amazing music teacher, Dr. Gopal Marathe, learning the “Sa Re Ga Ma” of different raags. I would often get very frustrated, but “Gopal Uncle” was always so kind, and always so patient, and kept encouraging me not to give up.

I had been performing in national music competitions, actually singing Ghazals by Jagjit Singh when I was only 10 yrs old! I didn’t even understand what I was singing! All I knew was I must have been ok at what I was doing because I would come home with a some awards for my performances. I don’t know what it was, but a few years later I asked Gopal Uncle if I could learn tabla. Learning all those great drum rhythms: ektaal, rupak taal, keherwa taal, dadra taal, teental, etc. was tough work. But it was already kind of “pre-programmed” into my head because I would be hearing them all the time.

I don’t think I would have kept up with everything if it weren’t for my parents, especially my mother, who would also patiently make sure that I practiced my lessons for the week. Sometimes she would just sit and listen in a reverie, while Gopal Uncle taught me, just after she made him his favorite cup of chai.

Well, time has gone on, and the seeds were sown. Instead of going the music route though, I went into medical school. But I never stopped listening to music, especially Indian music.

Bombay Beat Science has given me the privilege of sharing my music with you all. Not only do you get to hear the majestic Classical stuff, but you also get a taste of other types of Indian music. Indian music is so vast, much like the country it originates from. Not one piece of music sounds like the other. And the sound changes if you are from the North or from the South. Different instruments, ragas, beats, everything.

I also share with you Asian Massive/Indian Electronica tracks. I have found that a lot of people are unclear of what this exactly is. Well, imagine the old school music from hundreds of years ago, re-vamped, and now fused with an electronic beat, tabla loops that will throw your head in a spin, deep dark and heavy bass licks, and a couple synthesizers. Its hard to appreciate in words, but turn on the self-titled MIDIval Punditz disc and you will understand. The music has been created by fellow 2nd generation Indians from the UK and the US. To call it genius is not exaggerating.

I also have been grown fond of Ghazals, the traditional love poetries of India. Perhaps it is age. I dont know.. But once you hear the *depth of emotion* in Mehndi Hassan’s voice --- its over - you dont even have to understand what the words mean - you *feel* the intensity.

I realize what I am doing here is quite different from others who do Indian Music shows. I am trying to bridge the gap between generations, with an understanding of classical Indian music *as well as* modern music. I hope to let people my parents age appreciate “Tabla and Bass” tracks, and to let people from younger generations appreciate traditional Indian music.

I want to thank you all for your continued support and love. You have all been so kind with your phone calls, and emails. I have even had the pleasure of meeting some of you at some of the Asian Massive shows in LA. You are the fuel behind this scene.

Special thanks goes to Mom and Dad, Mausami, Gopal Uncle, the Mastermind, Mike Boyle, Steven Sherlock, Beth, DJ Cheb i Sabbah, all the Staff/DJs at KUCI that support me, and my group of regular listeners who make it a point to tune in every Sunday. There is too many to name, but I know who most of you are!

Everyone else feel free to drop me a line: drbombay@kuci.org. Tell me what music excites you and your background. I would love to know.

I hope Bombay Beat Science lives on in your heart, and that through music, we can all find peace within ourselves and with each other.


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