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http://www.kuci.org/ - KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine. Broadcasting 24/7 LIVE out of UC Irvine + home of "Bombay Beat Science"

Indian Classical Music Links...

http://www.santoor.com/ - Pundit Shivkumar Sharma's website - Master of the Indian Hammered Dulcimer.

http://www.santoorulhas.com/ - Pundit Ulhas Bapat - Another Master of the Santoor with his own unique style of tuning and background. Not to mention a humble and great soul!

http://www.abhijitbanerjee.com/ - Another great, albeit not-so-famous, Tabla Master from India - Abhijit Banerjee

http://www.tabla.com/ - Everything you have ever wanted to know about the Tablas - the North Indian Classical Drums - including history, how to buy a pair, and even how to play, and various compositions by great Masters!

http://www.momentrecords.com/ - Zakir Hussain - one of the World's most versatile Living Tabla Players living today.

http://www.transtabla.com/ - Swapan Chaudhuri - another one of the World's Best Living Tabla Players living today, with amazing solo recordings. Swapan-ji also teaches at the Ali Akbar college of music and Cal Arts in Valencia.

http://www.hariprasadchaurasia.com/ - Hariprasad Chaurasia - India's virtuoso flautist (bansuri, bamboo flute). Includes his biography, a discography, his awards...

http://www.chandrakantha.com/ - one of the most comprehensive web sites devoted to understanding Indian Classical Music. Full of info, streaming media, and hundreds of links.

Ghazal and Bhajan Singers:

http://www.cmpusoft.com/veenapani/ - Veena Pani Rastogi - beautiful bhajan and playback singer + Pundit Radha Prasad - disciple of Hariprasad Chaurasia - Master Bansuri Player.

http://mehdihassanent.com/ - Ustad Mehndi Hassan - one of the most respected and loved Ghazal Singers living today, with hundreds of tracks recorded under his recording history of over 60 years.

http://jagjitsingh.imess.net/ - Jagjit Singh - 'Ghazal Maestro' - his voice carries a heaviness that can be heard in his love songs, devotional bhajans as well as classical vocal music.

Electronica/ Tabla and Bass/ Asian Massive Links:

http://www.karshkale.com/ - Mr. Karsh Kale - Electronic Tabla wizard and Electronic Music Producer.

http://www.chebisabbah.com/ - DJ Cheb i Sabbah - San Francisco-based DJ/Producer mixing Classical and Devotional Indian music with modern electronica.

http://www.sixdegreesrecords.com/ - The Label that brings you all of this beautiful world Electronic music [Karsh, Cheb i Sabbah, Punditz, Asian/Arabic Travels Series, etc]

http://www.anokha.co.uk/ - Talvin Singh - the "Godfather" of Indian Electronic/Underground Music.

http://www.punditz.com/ - MIDIval Punditz -The Delhi Dynamic Duo creating some of most beautiful indian electronica I have ever heard.

http://arefdurvesh.com/ - Tabla Beats unlike anything you have ever heard before! He has played tabla for/with guys like Nitin Sawhney and Badmarsh and Shri.

http://www.olinplace.com/ - Site for James Whetzel and others who are multi-talented Indian Classical Musicians, playing sarode, tabla, darbouka, and more.

Events and Concerts:

Consult http://www.didjital.com/ - for the latest Asian Massive / Indian Electronica / World Mix club events in Southern California.

http://www.amorproductions.com - If you are looking for something to do or just want to network with artists and friends. Created and run by Reza - tar, tabla, and bass player, photographer, web designer, sculptor, flamenco guitarist, and all around creative genius!

http://www.indianfilmfestival.org/ - The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) is a nonprofit organization devoted to paving the way for a greater appreciation of India's cinema and diverse culture by providing the public with a selection of films from and about India by Indian and International filmmakers.

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