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Bombay Beat Science continues to remain as the only Indian music radio program featuring Indian Classical, Indian Electronic and Indian folk, bhajan, sangeet, ghazal, and Bollywood/filmi music that is broadcast weekly worldwide LIVE, hosted by an Indian classically trained musician.

Much gratitude goes out to the listeners, supporters and guests who've made Bombay Beat Science such a sensation.
Because the program is streamlined Live from Irvine, California in MP3 and in Real Audio format, Bombay Beat Science can literally be heard anywhere around the world. Numerous listeners from as far as Australia, Mumbai, and the Caribbean to locals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Arizona, Michigan and New York tune into Bombay Beat Science regularly.

Due to popular request, the show was extended from one hour to two hours long as of Sunday, April 6, 2003. This extension offered listeners the type of diverse programming that most can't hear anywhere else. From 2005 to July 2009, the show was off the air due to Dr. Bombay’s personal work schedule. However, in June of 2009 a series of events occurred which brought the show back on the air, to the delight of listeners, new and old. The air time, however, changed from a 6-8pm evening timeslot to a 2-4pm afternoon slot.


Concert and event reviews, which Dr. Bombay attends, and interviews are also a special segment of Bombay Beat Science. Dr. Bombay has done interviews with notables in Indian music including artists like tabla player, Anthony Baray, who studied under Ustad Alla Rakha, & Satnam Ramgotra and Rodney Lee from Alien Chatter. Rahis Khan, a local ghazal singer and tabla player also was interviewed. The legendary DJ Cheb i Sabbah has appeared on Bombay Beat Science as well to talk about his music and influences.

Live tabla performances have also been aired, including Dr. Bombay himself flexing his skills on the melodious drums. Dr. Bombay also invites artists to play music live in the studio.


In more ways than one, Bombay Beat Science has not only served as a link between generations, but is also a gateway between cultures.

The music appeals to older more mature audiences who've spent a lifetime listening to classical Indian music - music that spans a 2,000-year history-as well as Indian folk songs. On the other hand, most of the underground Asian Massive and Indian electronica music appeals to a younger crowd.

Many Indians who are familiar with music regularly call in to make requests, while many non-Indians call in with amazement and awe after hearing Indian music for the very first time.

"The music immediately touches something inside of them and they're drawn to it with great love, appreciation and respect" says Dr. Bombay.

Since the shows' time expansion, there has been a very positive response. Listeners are happy to hear two full hours of music and hear traditional Indian Classical Raga Improvisations in their entirety, which can often times last as long as 30-45 minutes each.


Thanks to television, radio, internet, podcasts and other forms of media, Indian music is inspiring more western artists now more than ever before. Artists like Madonna, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Bjork, Timbaland, and many others have managed to fuse Indian sounds, instruments and vocals into modern popular music, giving listeners something that is fresh and novel.

In addition to Indian music, Indian cinema is also reaching more audiences outside of India with films like Mira Nair's Monsoon Wedding, Gurinder Chadha's Bend it Like Beckham, and the Oscar Winning Slumdog Millionaire, which have all amassed a great deal of international success. And, of course, along with Indian films comes their corresponding Soundtracks, chock-full of Indian music.

~The Future~

While reaching more and more listeners every week, Bombay Beat Science continues to reach people around the neighborhood, the nation and the world.

"I see the show growing rapidly as more and more people become aware of the music and I really see no limits as far as the format, as far as inviting special guests on the show, having performances on the show, and new music coming out from classical as well as electronic genres." - Dr. Bombay

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