Gabriel Buday, writer, musician and Orange County, California community radio station KUCI's "DJZJ" — host of the Phillip K. Dick Show — died Monday, September 24. Gabriel, who had been working on a documentary film history of the Polish military during World War II, was found in his room. He was 36.

Born to Andrea and Zbigniew Buday on November 9, 1970 in Norman, Oklahoma, the home of Oklahoma State University, Gabriel studied town planning at the University of Edinburg in Scotland, filmmaking at the National Film School in Poland and theater under the tutilege of Jerzy Grotowski, a leading figure in avant garde theatre of the 20th century. But it was Gabe's artist father, Zbigniew, who introduced him to the writings of Philip K. Dick.

Broadcasting from KUCI on the University of California, Irvine campus from the Summer of 2005 through the Spring of 2007, Gabriel's Philip K. Dick Show was a local music showcase with frequent in-studio musicians playing live on the air. Los Angeles comedian Peter Prins regularly co-hosted the show which featured an ecelectic mix of musicians and poets including Kerry Getz, Reina Boone, Celeste Lear, The Syndicates, Coto Normal, Michael C Ford, Azalia Snail, Eileen Carey, The Blue Rays, Protostarr, Joy Flying, Loose Logic, Astrid Chevallier, Kiev, Peach, and DJ Monkey and Stuart Pearson whose 2005 Christmas special with Gabe highlighted the Happy Holiday Orchestra and the Souls of the Damned Chorale and Glee Club. A truly eccentric gentle giant with a signature laugh, whose vocal talents were used on many community and university public service announcements, Gabriel sprinkled Phildickian kibble throughout the Philip K. Dick Show to the delight of his listeners in the Dick community centered in Orange County.

At the time of his death, Gabriel was taking a hiatus from his show to write short stories and poems, work on a documentary film series and narrative screenplay about the Polish army's involvement in WWII battles, and produce electronic experimental music under the name Nebenvelt.

On September 23, the day before Gabriel's death, his friend John Rupkowski took this brief PD video of Gabe reciting Kubla Khan.

"Through his efforts at getting live bands,  I was able to get my start as an audio engineer," said Steve Sherlock, KUCI's Recording Engineer. "Gabe really cared about the bands he had on and had a sincere appreciation for music.  I feel a sense of indebtedness to him for all the help he gave me by doing what he loved to do.  I'll always remember watching him walk away from his last show.  He took big broad steps, his head looking up toward the clouds, wearing headphones with a proud, happy, satisfied look on his face.  He didn't know I was watching.  I'll miss him."