Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Playlist for Moms Rockin the House Show 12/11/08

Cambria Detken - Love Will Find A Way

Cambria Detken - I Wanna Be

Cambria performed LIVE at KUCI from her CD, "Simply Said" - What You Put Me Through, Everything You Do, I Wanna Be


Jane Getter - Leap Year

Big Red Button - One Good Thing

Four Bitchin Babes - Cheerleader

Betty - It Girl

Jenna Torres - Summon Your Love

Carol Lester - Feed the Love, Starve the War

Deb Chamberlin - Then Came You

Housewives on Prozac - I Broke My Arm Christmas Shopping

Go Sheilas - I Can Make It

Heather Katz - Love the One You're WIth

Breech - Grounded

Mydols - Bop It

Drawing Down the Moon - Pride

Kelly's Lot - The Light

Housewives on Prozac - Mrs President


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