Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2009 Playlist

Ronny North - Lost in the 909
Ronny North - Life Inhibited
Ronny North - Whatever
Ronny North - Race with Me
Ronny North - Benihana Breakdown

Ronny North LIVE in the KUCI 88.9fm studio

Kathy Valentine - Guitar Talk Love and Drums
Go Sheilas - 99 Red Balloons
Kelly's Lot - The Light
Big Red Button - One Good Thing
Betty - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Jenn Franklin - What Took You So Long
Cambria Detken - Love Will Find a Way
Heather Katz - Love the One You're With
Breech - Grounded
The Mydols - Run Crazy Baby
Housewives on Prozac - Mrs PResident
Osirus - I Don't Want to Work
Betty - Jungle Jane
Ronny North - Remember


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