Saturday, January 3, 2009

Playlist to Kick-off 2009!

Here's my playlist for my New Year's Day show!

Cambria Detken - Love will Find a Way
Big Red Button - One Good Thing
Four Bitchin Babes - Cheerleader
The Mydols - Sweet Potato Queen
Katie Stuckey - Land on the Ground
Betty - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Catherine Moon - Sweetest Wine
Carol Lester - Feed the Love, Starve the War
Heather Katz - Love the One You're With
Meredith Brooks - Every Dog
Go Sheilas - 99 Red Balloons
Deb Chamberlin - Higher Ground
Abby Straus - Spit It Out
Kelly's Lot - Nobody Here But Me
Imaginary Friends - Comes Around
Breech - Saboteur
Jane Getter - Know You
Manifest Frequency - Nurture
Julie Moffitt - Try
Alex Sweeton - Goodbye Without Leaving
Nousch Skaugen - Gone
Kathy Valentine - Guitar, Talk Love and Drums
Pilley Bianchi - Howl at the Moon
Housewives on Prozac - Mrs President
High Cotton - Tattoo

Let's make 2009 ROCK!!!


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