Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ronny North performed LIVE on Moms Rockin' the House!

Ronny North performed LIVE on Moms Rockin' the House! What a show!! Incredibly talented guitarist Ronny North came in to chat and perform several songs from his amazing repertoire . You're probably wondering..."why did she have a guy on her show?!" Well, Ronny is going to be teaching me some guitar techniques and helping me fulfill my long-time goal to get back into guitar...and also perform at this year's Mamapalooza at UCI!

I am currently looking for women interested in forming a band. We already have a singer, the amazing Coco B. I will be playing guitar, but we still need a bass player, drummer and key board player....and another guitar player to trade off rhythm and lead with me.

Serious inquiries only please:

I am off to NAMM next week and this Saturday 1/10 heading to Ronny North's Guitar Clinic in Cerritos. Yeah Baby!!!


Blogger DJ Lorraine said...

I enjoyed being part of the founding members of this band (with over 100 band names suggested). The music business journey of a band is the process of shared leadership with a balance of compromise and nurturing of the motley crew of musicians and singers. Yet things happen, goals change so a six piece becomes a five piece. Best of Luck to the finally named band, Liberty in Rockland. From Lorraine of the new moms & friends jam band, Karma Rocks! Rock on!

April 9, 2009 9:23 AM  

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