Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playlist for Moms Rockin' the House Thursday February 26, 2009

Betty - A Prefect Day

Kelly's Lot - Nobody Here But Me

Stacy Robin - Follow

Housewives on Prozac - Eat Your Damn Spaghetti

Housewives on Prozac - Harper Valley PTA

Big Red Button - OCean

Pilley and Illa's Dress - Howl at the Moon

Kathy Valentine - Win

Cambria Detken - Love Will Find a Way

Meredith BRooks - Dance, Shake, Wiggle

Mydols - Sweet Potato Queen

High Cotton - Tattoo

Patrice Moerman - Rock n' Roll Mama

Nousch Skaugen - Gone

Ren Stewart - Face the Day

Adrina Thorpe - Fly Fly Fly

Debra Davis - Moon Upon My Shoulder

Hot Lava - Superhero

Jane Getter - Know You

Jenna Torres - Summon Your Love

Go Sheilas - My Life on TV

Betty - It Girl

Heather Katz - Love the One You're With

Ana Key - No Ordinary Day

Julia Jordan - Urban Legacy

Katie Stuckey - Higher Ground

Deb Chamberlin - Land on the Ground


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