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    2/15 Bob Siegel
    2/08 Juan Carrillo
    2/01 Linda Sherry
    1/25 Robert Rebhan
    1/18 Joanne McNabb
    1/11 Françoise Gilbert
    1/04 Lisa Soronen

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    Host: Mari Frank
    Co-host/Engineer: Lloyd Boshaw
    Protect Your Privacy in the Information Age
    Now on every MONDAY morning from 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM, Pacific Time
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    Meet your hosts

    Mari Frank

    Mari Frank, attorney and privacy consultant, is the creator of The Identity Theft Survival Kit, the audiocassette series Identity Theft Prevention and Survival, co-author of Privacy Piracy (with Beth Givens), and the author of two new books published by Porpoise Press (January 2005): From Victim to Victor: A Step by Step Guide for Ending the Nightmare of Identity Theft (2nd Edition, with CD) and Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself With a Personal Privacy Audit. Mari is also the co-host with Lloyd Boshaw of Privacy Piracy a one hour public affairs radio show at KUCI 88.9 FM and www.kuci.org (U. of Ca., Irvine) dealing with all issues of privacy in the information age.

    Ms. Frank has testified many times on privacy and identity theft issues in the California legislature and in the US Congress. In May 1999, she was summoned to the White House to a press conference to speak on Consumer Privacy, and the speech was broadcast on C-SPAN. In December 2004, and March 2005, Mari's ninety-minute PBS Television special, "Identity Theft: Protecting Yourself in the Information Age," aired nationwide and aired again in June 2005. Both of her new books were featured as gifts for viewers who pledged support for local PBS stations.

    Mari consults with corporations and government agencies and provides professional speaking programs. She serves on the identity theft task force of the LA County District Attorney, and California's DMV Task Force on privacy. She's an Orange County Sheriff Reserve on the High Tech Crime Unit, an Advisory Board Member of the Identity Theft Resource Center, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, and she's a member of the Advisory Board of the State of California's Office of Privacy Protection. Mari is a certified trainer for the State Bar of California, a law professor, and currently teaches Conflict Management at the University of California, Irvine.

    Mari has appeared on dozens of national TV programs including Dateline, 48 Hours, the O'Reilly Factor, Investigative Reports, NBC and ABC Nightly News, CNN and has been interviewed on more than 250 radio shows. She has been featured in major newspapers and magazines, and her articles have been published in legal journals and magazines. Please find out more at www.identitytheft.org.

    Lloyd Boshaw

    Lloyd D. Boshaw, Jr. is our radio engineer and sometimes co-host (when he isn't too busy running the board, he asks questions too!) Lloyd has been a General Contractor and Builder for almost 30 years. He also is very adept at fixing almost anything and quick to learn the radio engineering skills. Lloyd is also a qualified and experienced mediator and arbitrator of construction disputes, and he has helped resolved many complex cases to the parties' satisfaction. Lloyd and Mari have been friends since they met in Hawaii in1989 and after many years married in 2001. As a favor to Mari, and as a result of his strong belief that privacy is diminishing in our society, Lloyd agreed to learn the radio skills necessary to team with Mari for this show.

    Guest List by Date


    Feb 15, Bob Siegel, served as senior manager of Worldwide Privacy and Compliance for Staples, Inc.

    Bob Siegel has extensive professional experience in the development of privacy policies and procedures, the definition of performance metrics to evaluate privacy maturity, and the evaluation of compliance. He has extensive experience with PCI DSS and Safe Harbor and has deep subject matter knowledge surrounding key laws and regulations regarding consumer privacy and information security.

    Throughout his career Bob has worked with computer applications and business practices that guard personal information. In addition to developing these systems, he trained employees to use them properly and efficiently. As the collection of personal information has increased, he has developed new approaches to help his organizations protect their sensitive data (both electronic and paper-based).

    Bob is a Certified Information Privacy Professional, awarded from the International Association of Privacy Professionals, with concentrations in US Law (CIPP/US), European Law (CIPP/E), Canadian Law (CIPP/C), and Information Technology Practices (CIPP/IT) as well as a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM). He is a member of the IAPP faculty and has served on the Certification Advisory Board for its Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) program.

    Most recently, Bob served as senior manager of Worldwide Privacy and Compliance for Staples, Inc., a Fortune 150 retailer, where his responsibilities included development, awareness, and compliance of global privacy-related policies and procedures for more than 60 business units in 26 countries.

    A seasoned program management expert, Bob has a long record of accomplishments in business planning, information privacy, sales support, customer support, application development, and product management. He has helped executive teams convert strategic plans into programs with well defined, measurable outcomes. He also has created realistic program schedules and budgets, resolved critical path issues, managed risks, and delivered results consistently on time and within budget.

    Bob Siegel is the founder and president of Privacy Ref. Privacy Ref focuses on an alignment based approach that helps business reach all of their goals in many different areas through strong privacy programs. For more information about Privacy Ref, you can visit our website at www.PrivacyRef.com.


    Feb 8, Juan Carrillo, Senior Security Sales of Oracle of Mexico.

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    Juan Carlos Carrillo specializes in selling security solutions in Oracle of Mexico with particular regard to large corporate in Mexico, He also is a co-chair of the IAPP KnowledgeNet chapter in Mexico.

    Prior to Oracle he served as deputy director of infrastructure at Bank of America Merrill Lynch based in Mexico City. Before this, Juan Carlos was director of business development at Sm4rt Security Services, a leader security solutions for the financial sector at IBM, infrastructure manager in Grupo Bursatil Mexicano and in Merrill Lynch, whose role was responsible for technology strategy of both brokerage houses.

    Juan Carlos began his career at Boston Consulting Group in 1999 in the area of IT, as manager of the technology area, being responsible for the support and infrastructure of the subsidiary in Mexico. In 2002 He started working for General Electric in his division Ddemesis supporting all business to business transactions. In 2003 He became part of Merrill Lynch, as infrastructure manager and in 2004 He become the Chief Technology manager in Mexico. In 2008 he joined GBM (Grupo Bursatil Mexicano) in which He was responsible for the ITIL and Security projects. In the last 4 years Juan Carlos has been devoted to privacy, as speaker, advisor and consultant in data protection issues.

    Juan Carlos is a graduate of the Universidad del Valle de Mexico in Computer Science and has an MBA in Finance from the EGADE, He also has the CIPP / IT Certification for IAPP and CIRM by IMI.

    Juan Carlos has over 20 years experience giving talks, lectures, courses, as well as writing for magazines in various fields.


    Feb 1, Linda Sherry, Director, National Priorities, Consumer Action.

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    Linda Sherry is a nationally recognized consumer advocate and expert on consumer and privacy rights. As director of national priorities for Consumer Action, she is responsible for the organization's national advocacy work and for Consumer Action's free, multilingual educational publications and website content. Sherry, who joined Consumer Action in 1994 from a background as a weekly newspaper reporter, established Consumer Action's DC office in 2004.

    Sherry, Consumer Action's chief spokesperson, regularly responds to inquiries about consumer protection issues by the national and local media, Congress and federal regulators.

    Before joining Consumer Action, Sherry was managing editor of AsianWeek in San Francisco from 1991-1994. Previously she was a reporter at The Almanac newspapers in Menlo Park, California; The New York Times Long Island Section, and The East Hampton Star in East Hampton, NY. She was a founding editor of the Sag Harbor Herald, a weekly newspaper in Long Island, NY.

            * * *

    Consumer Action (www.consumer-action.org) has been a champion of underrepresented consumers nationwide since 1971. By providing consumer education materials in multiple languages, a free national hotline, and annual surveys of financial and consumer services, Consumer Action helps consumers assert their rights in the marketplace and make financially savvy choices. Nearly 7,500 community and grassroots organizations benefit annually from its extensive outreach programs, training materials and support.

    Linda Sherry
    Director, National Priorities
    Consumer Action

    Number: 202-544-3088
    Website: www.consumer-action.org


    Jan 25, Robert Rebhan, internationally renowned expert and speaker on identity theft and financial crimes, and a former Detective Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department.

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    ROBERT J. REBHAN is an internationally renowned expert and speaker on identity theft and financial crimes, and a former Detective Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department. During his exciting career with the LAPD, he served in many high profile assignments including the SWAT Team, Hollywood's Narcotics, Robbery, Homicide, and Vice Squads. As a detective, he was a master of disguise and during his 22 years of service he was personally involved in the arrest of thousands of criminals. Before leaving the department, Mr. Rebhan was selected by the Credit Card Industry to help develop and direct a fraud prevention program. He has traveled to Europe and Latin America on behalf of the industry, and for the last 20 years has personally given over 2000 presentations on the subject of financial crimes. As the Director of The American Express Company's Fraud Prevention Program, Western Region, he managed a team of twelve consultants, personally orchestrating over 150,000 business and consumer presentations.

    He brings a unique perspective to an audience, because he understands the vulnerabilities and responsibilities of consumers, the financial community, and law enforcement. And of course, he has great insight into the criminal mind.

    In his campaign against fraud, Mr. Rebhan has worked closely with the California State Assembly and the Los Angeles City Council. As an advocate for privacy and financial security, he has proposed municipal code and legislative changes regarding consumer and business fraud prevention efforts. He is a special consultant to Screen Actors Guild members and is a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, as well as the Electronic Crimes Task Force led by the United States Secret Service. Mr. Rebhan founded the Institute for the Prevention of Financial Crimes (IPFC), an organization committed to the education of business professionals and to raising public awareness about crime.

    Mr. Rebhan's extraordinary knowledge of the business world and his presentation style have made him one of the nation's most requested speakers on the subject of consumer and business fraud prevention, and from his viewpoint, he gives his powerfully candid opinion on who is to blame for the identity theft crisis. Using humor, fear, and logic, he challenges the status quo motivating his audiences to review passive lifestyles and business practices, joining him in the 21st Century technological and common sense fight against fraud.


    Jan 18, Joanne McNabb, Director of Privacy Education and Policy in the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit in the California Department of Justice.

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    Joanne McNabb is the Director of Privacy Education and Policy in the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit in the California Department of Justice. The Unit enforces state and federal privacy laws, educates consumers and businesses, and makes recommendations to the Attorney General on privacy matters. McNabb is a Certified Information Privacy Professional, with specializations in Government and Information Technology. She serves on the Privacy Advisory Committee to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and is a Fellow of the Ponemon Institute, a research center on privacy, data protection and information security policy. From 2001 until 2012, McNabb directed the California Office of Privacy Protection, a resource and advocate on privacy issues. Before that she worked in public affairs and marketing, in both the public and private sectors. She attended Occidental College and holds a master's degree in Medieval Literature from the University of California, Davis.


    Jan 11, Françoise Gilbert, Shareholder in Greenberg Traurig LLP in Silicon Valley.

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    Françoise Gilbert is a Shareholder in Greenberg Traurig LLP in Silicon Valley. She has focused on information privacy and security for more than 25 years. Interested in the challenges raised by hackers such as Robert Morris and Kevin Mitnick in the late 1980's and early 1990's, she began conducting extensive research of the existing laws. In 1991, she published her first law review article on Breaches of Security and started working with clients on the legal issues stemming from attacks on their systems. In 1992, she became involved in emerging health security and privacy issues in the use of technology for telemedicine services. In this connection, throughout the 1990s, she contributed to the drafting of several federal and state bills that were the predecessors of HIPAA.

    Since then, her practice has evolved as privacy and cyber security laws and jurisprudence were developed in the United States and globally. Françoise deals regularly with compliance challenges raised by cloud computing, connected objects, smart cities, big data, mobile applications, wearable devices, social media, and other cutting-edge developments. As a practicing attorney, she advises public companies, emerging technology businesses and non-profit organizations, on the entire spectrum of domestic and international privacy and cyber security issues legal issues.

    Françoise holds law degrees from Paris University (France) and Loyola University (Chicago, Illinois) and a graduate degree in Mathematics. She is accredited as a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US, CIPP/E).

    Françoise is internationally recognized as a thought leader and expert in data privacy and cyber security. She has been continuously praised for her experience and in-depth knowledge of this area. She was named "2014 San Francisco Lawyer of the Year" by Best Lawyers for her work in information privacy and security, and listed in Chambers USA and Chambers Global (since 2008), Best Lawyers in America (since 2007), and Who's Who in Ecommerce and Internet Law (since 1998). Françoise has also been recognized as one of the US "top privacy advisers" by Computer World and as an "attorney who matters" by Ethisphere.


    Jan 4, Lisa Soronen, Executive Director of the State and Local Legal Center (SLLC).

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    Lisa Soronen is the Executive Director of the State and Local Legal Center (SLLC). In this role, Lisa files amicus curiae briefs to the United States Supreme Court on behalf of members of the Big Seven (National Governors Association, National Conference of State Legislatures, Council of State Governments, National League of Cities, United States Conference of Mayors, National Association of Counties, and International City/County Management Association) in cases affecting state and local government. Prior to joining the SLLC, Lisa worked for the National School Boards Association, the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, and clerked for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. She earned her J.D. at the University of Wisconsin Law School and is a graduate of Central Michigan University.