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December 7, 2008

Is Porno Cheating?/ "I Hate My Life"/ Milk and Men Kissing: Oh My!
December 21, 2008

The 1ST Obama "I told you so"/ The Coyote and the Dog Park/ Deer gets revenge on hunter/ Bush Shoe Assailant

Serena has the formula of a great KUCI PA show. She is engaging, funny, interesting and socially conscious. I actually reviewed my OLD review of one of her old shows and much of it is identical. Let me re-visit what I said earlier: "Serena is another perfect example of a person doing a great SOLO job with a PA show. She keeps the listener engaged from the very beginning of the show. In fact, I knew after the 1st few mins that it would be a fun, interesting show. The show is good because it gives us some deeper things to think about, but in a very light, fun way. Her stories - even personal ones - just sort of make us chuckle. She hardly has any dead air, any "umms, and uhhhs". She uses humor very effectively, and anyone in comedy knows that humor is more light and innocent when one can poke fun at oneself, which Serena does ["I have a very dull life" "If only she were 18, then."[referring to the Israeli girl]. Again, I liked a lot how she took only 2 simples themes or ideas and ran a 1 hour show on them, without sounding boring, preaching. She even had a caller on the air and the music break was good. Serena absolutely should continue the work she is doing at KUCI.' I hate to sound repetitive, but this really also applies to the show I am reviewing now. She brings in 2-3 impt issues this time: gay/lesbian marriages, same sex civil unions, etc. She is able to do a 1 hour show with just her wit and knowledge. She is able to talk and keep us engaged even when a caller does not call in for the 1st 2/3 of her show. She made some comments that actually made me laugh out loud, " .Kansas State [referring to the laws there].. we're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!"..; or when referring to a man getting his Penis amputated for a sex change, "..I wont even have my tonsils taken out!".. Serena also puts a lot of self revelation into the show, which in most instances wouldn't be good in a PA show, but here it works great. She adds HUMANITY to her show, and makes us her friend. I tried hard to find some things to criticize, but failed. I thought maybe there was too much music before the show started, but then again, Serena states the reason behind her playing the music on this show segment and made it all ok. Keep up the great work, kid!
- Anonymous KUCI Talk Host/Reviewer

name: Lois M subject: Terrific comments: Hi Serena, I am in Jeanerette, LA and somehow stumbled across your animated, bold, and opinionated program. I am really entertained by your clear expression and candid confessions. Just wanted to let you know that your voice is reaching to the swamplands of Cajun country. I watch the archives for each and every addition. Thanks for being you. A close listener, Lois

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