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12.21.2008The 1ST Obama "I told you so"/ The Coyote and the Dog Park/ Deer gets revenge on hunter/ Bush Shoe Assailant
12.07.2008Is Porno Cheating?/ "I Hate My Life"/ Milk and Men Kissing: Oh My!
11.30.2008Salsa Virgin Mary: Miracle or Stain?/ Taking Turkey from those we don't show Thanks to/ Fruits of Pressure on Yes On 8 People
11.23.2008'UGLY DUCKLINGS' PLEA WINS MAYOR SEXISM AWARD/ Michael Phelps sexy??/ The Sharp Show gets email/ Support NO on Prop 8 Companies!/ MALAYSIA SET TO CURB LESBIANISM.
11.19.2008Gloria Allred On Prop 8 Interviewed By Mari Frank On KUCI
11.16.2008Meet the candidates: Bacon and Fries/ Obama takes his first poop in the white house./ GOOGLE search terms track pulse of the nation/ Yes on 8 people/ "Gay is just as good as straight!"
11.02.2008Please Keep Praying for Us/ Little Sluts/ Hanging Sarah Palin & Hate Crime
10.26.2008That's what god can do/ Global Warming caused by Distant stars?/ Half of US doctors use placebo treatments/ Eating contests cancelled while death is under investigation/ No takers for $10,000 prize in contest that requires abstinence/ Vacuuming could cause teens' bodies to malform
10.19.2008Palin lookalike strippers/ God blesses some - curses others/ Billionaire gives advice on Happiness/ Kabbalah sure sign of cheating/ Barack Osama/ Investment advice: Drink heavily and recycle/ Ha Ha Too late to discriminate against 19th century gay/ Great news: We accept you. Gee, Thanks!/ The most important problem in India is keeping lesbians from cuddling
10.12.2008young children wussified these days/ sex ed a waste of money/ murderer commits suicide after killing his family/ Breastfeeding the answer to Chinese toxic milk/ Teen Pregnancy: Maybe the little sluts should fear being kicked out/ Both candidates agree -- And then they are spun in opposite directions/ Candidate's positive gay remarks are spun negatively
10.05.2008Isn't politics fun?? :)/ My opponent is a big poopypants/ I registered to vote while I was pooping. :)/ PSA Encouraging stupid not to vote/ Lohan was merely copping to a close friendship (!) Puh-Lease!/ Dern dern dern dern did a lern.../ Iran admits it has gay people... But only a few/ Prop 8 is like cell phones or kitty cats or cheese pizza... without the cell phones, the cats, or the pizza./ Religious straight couples refuse to marry until gay marriage is banned - Great!
09.28.2008Bill Clinton sticking up for McCain/ Don't pee toward the East/ Christians against women leaders
09.21.2008Women Don't Stick Up For Women
09.14.2008Bizarre News/ I want my meat!/ Our taxes to financial counseling?!/ Now that's what I'd call a Big Mac Attack./ Voters listen to their hearts over their heads.
09.07.200831 Flavors... In one night!/ Duck Stamp error sends callers to sex line :P/ Sarah Palin is an intelligent, gutsy, driven, and very human, being, as are all of the players at this level
08.31.2008Obama a more effective commander in chief than McCain?/ Gay diver wins Gold but NBC did not show his family and partner in the stands/ Paris gets vagina insured!/ Gay woman gets discriminated against until 2 mos before her death/ "God saved toddler" -Simpleminded Nitwit
08.24.2008The Olympics: Controversies about things I couldn't care less about/ Thanking Jesus Christ for winning a medal/ Not The Olympics: "He's a disgrace to his race"
08.17.2008The S was bound to hit the fan/ The fugly girl versus the little girl who can't sing/ Let's drill some oil
08.10.2008Man Injured by Mountain Lion A Moron/ Make Your Extramarital Affair Worth It!/ Birth Control Equals Abortion/ Fight For Your Right To Take Off Your Pants/ Tubby Tabby/ Why Did We Allow The Olympics To Be In China?/ Racism Bad - Sexism O.K.!
08.03.2008How To Get To Heaven/ Remember Anthrax??/ Making Up Hate Crime
07.27.2008Lindsay Lohan out enough for me/ Plastic, Please/ Cell phones allow you to be IN emergency jet landing with gaping hole
07.13.2008Lindsay Lohan Lesbian Love -- Why couldn't it be me??!/ The Pursuit Of Happiness/ It Was The Summer Of '84!/ "I wanna cut his nuts off"/ Ronald McDonald, Sam Walton, Henry Ford Gay
07.06.2008Condoleezza Says She's "Proud" Of Decision To Invade Iraq/ "What color is he?" is worse than "Nappy Headed Hoes"/ "Pregnant Man" Gives Birth/ Homosexuality is officially illegal in India
06.29.2008Where to find boobs!/ Hot chicks are always "amazed" guys find the time for them -- Duh!/ "How come when it's us it's an abortion, and when it's a chicken it's an omelet?" -- I loved and am going to miss George Carlin/ Al Gore's home could power 232 U.S. homes/ What gay marriage means to me
06.15.2008My Clinton Confession/ 1ST Blood/ It takes a male and a female to raise a child
06.08.2008Scientists of the world hard at work on the elimination of sheep farts/ Don't give your sweetie jewelry that has been inside someone's digestive tract/ Short on cash? Catching Bigfoot will get you a million bucks/ The Top 10 Jobs that will get you laid in 2008/ This Hillary supporter mixing it up at an Obama volunteer party/ Accused 9/11 Mastermind Wants Death Sentence. Uh, Let's give it to him!
05.25.2008Purple Heart for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Wander out of the safety zone, expect to get speared/ Money discriminates against blind people/ Hurricane Katrina caused by Gay pride/ Senator wants YouTube to censor all Islamist videos
05.18.2008God made woman, children live with dead woman on toilet for two months/ Who taught Barack how to play pool??/ Take drugs and kill yourself for all I care/ Take a joke/ There should be doping in baseball!
05.11.2008More people have voted for Hillary than Barack/ Sending kids to visit criminal moms in prison for Mothers' Day is a crappy ass idea/ F Big Brother and his red light cameras/ Sex and love are not addictions
05.04.2008"That's definitely our pig"/ Don't piss-off a powerful politician/ Court says high school students have the right to wear anti-gay t-shirts
04.20.20080 Tolerance Policy -- 5 Year Old Suspended/ Keeping pedophiles out of the priesthood is like keeping caffeine addicts out of the Starbucks/ Hit-and-run grannys/ Brigitte Bardot is not dead
04.13.2008Arrest dog owners/ Young and inexperienced Obama supporters don't even know what they don't know/ The Preggers "Man" -- Fifteen Minutes of Freak Show Fame/ 17 YO HS football star murdered by an illegal alien gang member -- Send the trash back from where they came
04.06.2008Email Complaints about the show!/ Strong armed by soccer moms at the Starbucks/ So the Moratorium on Murder didn't work? -- Shocking!/ No shortage of terrible parenting keeping therapists in business/ Come enjoy the benefits of America without pledging allegiance to her
03.30.2008Fighting at Subway/ UCLA college talk radio personality whining over Bruin March Madness broadcast rights/ It's true -- You can't handle the truth!/ Hands-Free sucks and isn't safer!
03.23.2008Planned Parenthood Aborting Black Babies/ Don't Fall Asleep Next To A Stranger!/ Hey Gays -- Shut Up!/ Aging Babes: Gray Not Hot/ My Neighbor's Hookers
03.16.2008"Modern Women" make babies cry/ I want my Airborne!/ Do teachers protect your kids?/ I know why NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer risked it all for sex
03.09.2008What Daylight Savings Time and Low Flow Toilets have in common/ Christians Fighting with Christians -- Like Retards arguing over IQ/ White Americans at an Illegal Immigration rally?/ ABC censors A Raisin In The Sun
03.02.2008I hate Barack Obama/ Black Women -- Black vs. Women/ "SUPER" Delegates College President says it's The Teacher's Fault if you Fail
02.03.2008Black History Month/ Uperbowl-Say/ Britney Spears
01.27.2008I'm scared of my cell phone again/ Clinton in bed with another woman?/ Church picketing Heath Ledger's funeral because of Brokeback Mountain/ Fired for taking medicine -- called marijuana/ Illegal To Drive While Verbose (DWV)
01.20.2008All of the students at one school on the badly behaved list are of a certain race - Why?/ Turns out we all can't just get along/ Should Muslim athletes be allowed to wear a special uniform to competition?
01.13.2008Pregnant High School Students/ Hicks In Iowa/ The Only Thing I Really Want From A President/ Globes Ceremony Canceled - Good For The Writers!/ Do The Natural Thing and Shave!
01.06.2008Death puts a damper on music, drinks and food/ I'd kill my baby daddy for Hannah Montana tickets/ Rich Losing Their Religion/ Retarded are now Those With Diminished Comprehension/ Rich, married, church-going, white, Republican parents satisfied and happy - And your point is?
12.30.2007HMO murders girl/ Christmas Vacation vs. Winter Break/ A murderer eulogizes a batterer/ If the tiger mauling victims taunted the tiger, they deserve what they got!
12.23.2007Finally a study says taking off our shoes at the airport is a complete waste of time/ Presidential candidates' passions/ Send your kid to church and she comes back pregnant
12.16.2007Kangaroo Farts/ Elementary School Crush/ Oprah better not ruin it for Hillary/ I am terrified of my cell phone!/ God Killed Gunman
12.09.2007Maybe NOT getting to know each other is the key to a successful relationship/ Would you sleep in a dead man's house?/ Is it right for charity Solicitors to guilt people at the airport? Why don't people just learn to say no./ There was a "Prayer For Peace" days before the Mall Shooting. Well that worked./ Teen Births Rise. I think it's because of the Mexicans./ Miracle On 34TH Street objectionable?!
12.02.2007Charming Muslims/ Miss Congeniality 2!/ Tiffany's vs. eBay/ Another Peterson with dead and missing wives
11.25.2007Cheerleader Photos Controversial/ Ban Handguns?/ American Airlines says 90% baggage accuracy is acceptable!/ Punishment for manslaughter is going to work?!/ Compulsory national service?
11.18.2007If you're dating a woman other than your wife, your son may kill you/ Charge the 10-year-old fire starter/ Kill your neighbor's burglars/ If jail makes parents do the right thing, then jail 'em!
11.11.2007Smoking pot at the Lion King/ "It's a Small World" is being renamed "It's a Fat World"/ Georgia elects a governor who believes he can solve the state's problems by praying that they will get better - By comparison it makes The Terminator seem like a super intelligent choice/ Jews never declared holy war and killed innocent civilians in the name of Moses!
11.04.2007Shake Your Popcorn/ Peace on Earth?/ "Naked" man costume caused controversy/ The Teacher & the Boy - There Should be a Double Standard
10.28.2007Why didn't you think to evacuate or use a condom?/ Does sticking up for the confederate flag amount to racist bigotry?/ Killer Macaque Attack; Monkeys Gone Wild/ Kudos to 'Lost' for firing actors behaving badly/ "I could end illegal immigration in three years"
10.21.2007A teen's drug O.D. - Sad? - Or simply a consequence of her irresponsible behavior?/ Man up Ellen!/ Should middle school offer birth control?
10.14.2007New cell phone disease causes ringing ears and vibrating hipbones/ no movies with women in the lead - Neanderthal thinking or good business sense?/ How exactly does global warming pertain to world peace?/ The new Pepsi Challenge - You don't like Pepsi, you get punched in the face
10.07.2007"Most Likely To..." Bomb His Reunion?/ Illegal Immigration Protesters - I Love These People/ Al Sharpton rallying for another troublemaker/ ***The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation.
09.30.2007A new poll says Blacks have come to their senses/ Republicans dis African-Americans/ You can't fool Mother Nature./ Poor people and minorities can't get IDs?/ See-Through frogs
09.23.2007online survey finds that people wipe their noses on their sleeves/ city wants to add parking meters to public streets; calls free parkers cheapskates/ San Diego mayor was against gay marriage until his own daughter came out - How convenient it is to discriminate against other people's loved ones/ The Black equal rights movement is not about defending violent Black criminals!
09.16.200753% in L.A. speak English as their Second Language - - - Shocking?/ Appearance vs. personality/ "Happy 9/11!"/ i want to see kathy lee and kelly mud wrestle ;)
09.09.2007why is it illegal for two guys to cruise each other in a restroom./ "You Can't Be Too Thin"
08.26.2007What's so bad about Michael Vick?... And what's so great about dogs?/ Sexual abuse specifically a Catholic problem
08.19.2007Oh my good god, would you like a slurpee - And a motel room with that?/ One city is reaching out to illegal aliens with a unique perk/ Modern road to white house verges on insane
08.12.2007Racist Threats vs. Nappy Headed Hos/ Lose your job for Not insulting gay and lesbians/ Wedding Canceled; Pregnancy Continues
08.05.2007Can teaching turn you into a racist?/ Young women these days are bad mothers/ Sicko/ God did not save pastor killed by lightning
07.29.200716-year-old unmarried pregnant girl surprised at being shamed/ I'm more insane than the mentally ill/ Honeybees have a lot of responsibility resting on their, um, do honeybees have shoulders?/ What your Pope has been spending his time on
07.08.2007Women's Movement created Liz Claiborne/ "Mission Accomplished?"/ $4 for an iPod?/ Nicole Richie wants Jail weight loss program/ Iran builds nuclear arms while energy reserves languish for lack of refineries/ Racial preferences in schools send wrong message about race to kids/ Wimbledon discusses banning panties
06.24.2007Homosexuality a health hazard?/ A space shuttle, a staple gun, and Duet Coke vs. lemonade/ And the custody goes to... the alcoholic!
06.17.2007The 30-second rule/ The L.A. Hospital Death doesn't even surprise me/ Guess which minority is now the majority in college/ Music, Sex, and Girls' Asses/ We really are sad and alone
06.10.2007Driving While Cell-Phoned/ Paris Hilton's High School Days/ Man left at the altar because he made anti-gay remarks/ Surgeon General says If the parts don't fit, You must not have sex with it/ JonBenet and Natalee Holloway step-sisters?
06.03.2007Cell phones are the new lighters/ Welcome to the Gynecologists Convention/ How I'm like a 4-year-old child/ Dumb Dora has died/ Apply for a pants job and sue to wear a skirt/ eHarmony can match compatibility for anyone on the planet - Except gays
05.13.2007Response to immigration rally violence: Politics instead of real answers/ A $1 bill only worth 97 cents/ Uh, Sunscreen doesn't work - Whoops!/ In California and across the nation some freeway shoulders have come to resemble weekend yard sales./ I want some "orbital debris"
05.06.2007Cats on cell phones/ Graffiti, pregnant ninth graders, divorce, and Mexicans/ Politicians can't stand up for what they really believe
04.29.2007Another Asian kid writes about violence/ Teacher kicked out of school for allowing a student to advocate tolerance of gays/ Divorced parents like Alec Baldwin care more about their own happiness than their children's/ Don Imus vs. Hip-hop extreme curse words
04.22.2007Why Cho did it & Intelligence vs. Social Skills
04.15.2007Don Imus & Race
04.08.2007I believe Keith Richards did snort his father/ Is calling your attorney a "big-time Jew lawyer" anti-Semitic?/ Lesbian's lawsuit says gays shouldn't adopt/ Legalize sexually explicit Internet communications with underage boys/ What if the Virgins awaiting Muslims in Heaven were 73 nuns?/ Print ballots in English only/ Magnitude-8 quake lifts island and exposes coral reef/ I love it when forces of good come on strong
04.01.2007Jail Teenage Arsonists!/ Poison Pet food - How do we know human food isn't next?/ Los Angeles is turning Third World
03.25.2007I'm A Human Seismograph/ So-Called Immigration Rallies A Good Place To Arrest Illegals/ Hang On Sloopy, Sloopy Hang On/ Campaigns & Cancer
03.18.2007Black vs. Latino problems/ Pres. Bush says we can't deport illegals because there are too many/ Texting through movies
03.04.2007Are we all just one step away from a mental breakdown?/ Is English really the language of success?/ Factory Girl: Was Andy Warhol the most influential artist of the 20th century or a disgusting human being?/ Monopoly a good thing for consumers?
02.25.2007Gay Girl Dance & Drill Team Assistants have infiltrated the high schools/ We only live 2 thirds as long as we think/ Ellen hosting the Oscars!
02.18.2007Itchy Nosy/ My declawed cat can paw at things just fine/ Tim Hardaway & Glory Road/ Snickers Super Bowl Spot doesn't offend me - But its homophobic website does!/ I dream of Meredith Viera Dreaming Of Diane Sawyer/ Which leg does Heather Mills McCartney kick paparazzi with??/ I hope Barack Obama pulls a Howard Dean
02.11.2007Wooden Dowels, Oven Racks, and Open Cat Boxes/ A Beautiful Death?!/ No Kissing in The New World/ Good Astronaut/Bad Astronaut/ Cartoon Network Head Resigns and 2 men charged because Bostonians are stupid
02.04.2007Exploding Gas Stations Send OCD Into Tizzy/ What do I think about Barack Obama?/ Niggers, Faggots, and Public School Bitches/ Heroes' Gay Charachter goes straight
01.28.2007Principal would rather not know about problems at his school than improve them/ My High School Hero/ Kerry decides against joining '08 race; Uh... duh
01.21.2007"Being gay is THE LAST THING I would want to be known for"/ No Spanky/ Should minorities back others just because they are from the same group?
01.14.2007Black girls and Mexican girls/ City Will Not Punish Officer Who Shot 13-Year-Old Boy but paid his family $1.5 million/ Marriage vs. Money vs. Happiness/ "Crocodile Hunter" death tape destroyed
01.07.2007Old horses and commentators have been replaced/ Diamonds are not an African girl's best friend/ Messengers "shot" in Saddam execution video
12.31.2006Dueling funerals and execution coverage this weekend/ THE KING OF SWING and the 'Godfather Of Soul'
12.24.2006SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE/ What can we do to help protect Israel?/ N.B.A. players suspension excessive?/ MADD&MissTeenUSA/ FCC&JanetJacksonsBreast/ Ban on gay marriage is discrimination akin to former ban on interracial marriage
12.17.2006Pray to god to be a good boy/ Thin stars and The Body Part Challenge: Is it a forearm or a Calf?/ Donald Rumsfeld the nation's greatest secretary of Defense ever?/ How the religious right and extremist Muslims are alike/ Gay Congressman's spouse denied pension/ Duke Lacrosse Rape case a setback for women and gender relations/ Botched executions of rapist/murderers - Who cares?
12.10.2006This 3 Quarter Je thinks Mel's apology was sincere and forgives him/ Global Warming? Instead of messing with Mother Nature we should learn to adapt
12.03.2006Big Ah Cat/ Black and Bald/ Michael Richards!/ My Word Quota/ Sean Hannity's gay dating service broke my computer
11.26.2006The Prince Concert/ My Dad's Approval/ O.J.'s Canceled Interview/ Should Pregnant Students Be Accepted At School?
11.19.2006Hispanic-Americans are turning us into a third-world culture/ You don't have to say "I'm gay" anymore
11.12.2006Hehehe... My plan is working!/ What do veterans say we need in Iraq/ Family oriented minorities do better/ 'Fat Actress' Sexy!/ Break Up Texting
11.05.2006I was in love with my DVR/ The girl who cried over her Moxy Box/ New Admiral Superintendant's solution to LAUSD's problems is to get better teachers?!/ More faggots
10.29.2006I Am A Sad Faced Tomato/ Is "faggot" less offensive and hateful than racial slurs?
10.22.2006A German Cottage was Destroyed by a Meteor. Could this happen in Studio City?/ Who's Rich Little?/ I'm fasting like Ramadan/ N. Korea Has Politicians Too!/ "Serena, the Jungle Girl"
10.15.2006"Secret Lives Of Gay Wives!"/ New LAUSD Superintendent Never Worked In A School/ I Got Called A Dyke On Friday/ Memory Is A Monument Harder Than Stone
10.08.2006Are you a flip?/ Atheist/ Foley's only crime is being a dirty old GAY man/ miss cleo
09.18.2006School Shooting victim asked for it/ Pope vs. Islam: What's the diff?
09.11.20065'9" 123 LBS. The new chubby/ It's not politically correct but we need to start profiling/ Dad's Conversation Topics/ Star Trek Capt. afraid of space travel./ Breast-enhancing for 6 year old girls/ Supersensitive Nerve Endings/ "This is NOT for the air!"!/ Marry Myself?/ "GFEs" - "girlfriend experiences"/ Gays shouldn't be proud on a high holy day
09.04.2006I loved the Crocodile Hunter/ Are old men really less interested in chasing women or are they just tired?/ I'm always the bad guy/ Priests, arthritis, and the Pope/ Snakes In A Theater - Smell-o-vision/ Send students home for wearing the wrong clothes.
08.21.2006"I hope you didn't forget to pay your taxes... 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you!"/ I hope I never get involved with a girl like Heather Mills!/ Clinton can't remember which hole he played last!/ go hide in a church, lawbreaker/ It's not racism; It's that you're poor/ 2 Palestinians walk into a bar.../ "ah, they blow up so fast!"/ Is carrying a purse dog the definition of "hot"?/ FOOTBALL is a privilege; Not a punishment/ Dr Pepper doesn't get a period./ The Governator vetoes gay history
08.14.2006The lengths people go to to hide their age/ Shameless Plugs/ Terrified by the Science Channel/ Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40/ Floyd Landis has twice as many testicles as the previous Tour De France winner/ The government wants to define your family too
08.07.2006I think I got bitten by a bat/ Breasts & Feeding/ 100 Different Descriptions!
07.31.2006English!/ Funeral Services, Religion, and how Jews and Muslims are alike/ Waspy Women/ Pres. Bush violates his own FCC rules/ Calcutta!
07.17.2006The Black View/ What do women care about more? Cancer or their hair?/ "gay panic"
07.10.2006If you think homosexuality is wrong because the Bible says so, you should be all for slavery/ Cooter Radio For Women/ Ladies, if you look like Rosie O'Donnell please don't call yourself HOT!!!/ Theodore Roosevelt weighs in on Immigrants and being an American 99 years later/ I watched the space shuttle launch literally just to see if it was gonna blow up/ Iraq war memorial on Santa Monica Beach
07.03.2006Are bees hes or shes?/ More "lotion stains"/ Vaccinating 9-year-olds against sexually transmitted diseases/ Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pairates Life For Me/ Gwen Araujo: A Girl Like Me/ Angelina Jolie Interview On Anderson Cooper On CNN
06.26.2006Hedging its bets, chocolate company invests in diet company too/ Pin P-I-N/ Cat Racism/ Cum Stains/ "Oh, You were offended?!"
06.19.2006Filing My Cat's Nails/ Al Gore Would Have Us Living Like The 3RD World
06.12.2006The Scrunchie - My Mental Illness!/ Teen Smoking No Longer on the Decline - Bring Back The Saturday Morning Brainwashing!
06.05.2006Are There More Black Bisexual Women?/ How The Movie Transamerica Helped Me/ Billie Jean King Really Is A Legend!
05.29.2006Boy Scout Do-Gooding make up for Discrimination?/ Paul McCartney's separation - You just can't replace Linda
05.22.2006Small children and transsexuals/ The fat kid is totally accepted now days/ According to one teacher, the Black kids are the worst behaved
05.15.2006The movie Crash made me violently angry/ No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished/ Guess The Complaint/ Prayer is a waste of time
05.08.2006Chicken Nuggets Anonymous/ Snow White Is Playmate of the Year/ If Anna Nicole Smith is Pregnant who is the father?/ Bush Sang Star Spangled Banner En Espanol/ Spelling bee a sport?!
05.01.2006Yes, it is illegal to walk out of school/ I learned 2 things when I saw a fire this week: A. It's all about location and B. You can't count on people to help/ Yelling "Fire"
04.24.200667 more people not saved by religion/ What time is it?/ going to Mexico/ Defense of Moussaoui
04.17.2006Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit/ Everything new and improved ruins our appreciation of everything before it/ Who ever invented "sleeping" with another person?!/ "Where are your shoes?"/ There is less and less music that can satisfy anymore/ Suffering as a learning experience or for a reward?!
04.10.2006My pursuit of boobs left me with a dead battery/ Science News: New Red and Blue Rings Found Around Uranus/ 80 year old woman seeking a man in his 20s to eat her/ Black Congressmen and white security guards/ "United 93" movie - It's not too soon/ Vigorous debate about Jesus And Judas - in 2006!
04.03.2006Muslim wants son to die for Islam/ A Year Without Shopping/ Should DUI Offenders Be labeled on their license plates?/ Illegal Immigrant student protesters don't know what they're talking about
03.27.2006Those 57 year old "kids" these days/ White blond made up to look Black feels discomfort for first time/ My Panic Attack gets Response/ Sleep/ Google/ Why are Christians dying to help those who execute Christians?
03.20.2006The pressure to be funny from 8:20 to 8:40 AM/ God/ The "N" Word/ Criminal High School needs police - Not a ballet studio
03.13.2006Stuck between a bore and a farter/ Do you judge people by the place they buy their food?/ Biology & Graduation/ Gay Penguins & The Furor They Incite/ Million $ Psychic Challenge
03.06.2006Blacks And The Academy Awards/ Billy Goat Hairs On My Chin/ Hair In The Swedish Pancake/ How We Are Like The Elephant Seals/ The Merits Of Excedrin
02.27.2006I'm skiing and I suddenly have the urge to shoot something/ Turin/Torino?/ Top Olympic Babe/ My Surprising Guilt Over Slavery/ Dog Shows & Beauty Pageants
02.20.2006Sharp Show Opening Song/ Big Fish vs. Little Fish/ People not on email have given up on life/ For the lactose intolerant, frozen yogurt is worth the gripping stomach pain/ Lovely Lesbians and Black Gentlemen/ High Pressure, Low Pressure, Who Cares? Just give me the weather!
02.13.2006Sharp's new promos/ Dick Chaney Shoots Quail - Whoops!/ My decadent tastes destine me to always be miserable/ Grammy Scandal?/ Barry Manilow #1/ I spent most of my growing up with The Jeffersons/ Zero tolerance rules lack any notion of common sense
02.06.2006Am I just a sex object? ;)/ Why I'm like a cat (I like to lie in the sunny spot)/ A hot Meth Addict/ Man Held in Gay Bar Attack Dies After Shootout - Good Riddance!/ Deputy who shot airman should be fired and charged with attempted murder
01.30.2006Google This/ Stephen Baldwin, who has appeared in violent and sexually explicit movies, is waging a war against vice./ Heart Attack a new cure for Blindness
01.23.2006Michael Schiavo Remarries - And your point is?/ Sister's Housewarming party: I'm obnoxious/You call this cocktail conversation?/ 14 year old hired to make out with Colin Farrell
01.16.2006Martin Luther King: The King Himself/ Queen Latifah does not belong next to Bob Hope!/ Jesus does not save/ Lindsay Lohan can smother me and come to me with her problems/ Our kids need less love between men and more cruelty to animals, subjugation of women, cold blooded murder, drug-laced sex romps, and gratuitous sadism.
01.09.2006Rose Parade Soak Down - Great! - No Mass Migration To So Cal This Year!/ Should Stroke Survivors be on national TV?/ Are gay men "real" men?
12.26.2005Should I use crazy glue to perform my own surgery?/ The Governator says "F.U." to the girly men in his hometown in Austria!/ Medicine is designed to treat disease strains that have Evolved - Hope Creationists aren't taking any antibiotics/ the city and the baseball league are responsible for the baseball bat death?/ Thailand is ahead of Us in medicine now because the religious right likens killing stem cells to murder/ What is it with actors seeking clemency for murderers?!
12.19.2005Legislation aimed at protecting religious activities is protecting Gays - Haha/ Tookie Williams and Rosa Parks/ New Orleans Company to Offer Disaster Tours - I now have a reason to go there!
12.12.2005Rumors!/ Should porn stars have kids? Think about it./ Am I the only one who thinks the air marshalls should not have shot and killed the mentally ill passenger?/ You be an F-ing teacher./ Tookie and The Governator/ Spiritual Quest didn't help murder victim
12.05.2005Is being in the closet a privacy right?/ Is it a man's right to sit next to a lone child on a plane?/ Can a psychic help with Britney Spears' marriage woes?
11.28.2005It is more relevant to to have gay marriage legalized than interracial marriage/ Is she really a dear friend if you're searching for her on craigslist?/ Who's Mr. Miyagi? That guy is "Arnold"!/ Cloning Meat; Would vegans and PETA have to start approving meat consumption?/ Can any amount of "do-gooding" make up for murder?
11.21.2005Official says danger on new bus line is "a learning curve."/ Dining in the Dark/ no red pens ever!/ Judge compares Woman to Kittens
11.14.2005Children complain of mysterious "Doctor" visits at day care/ 4 Letter Names/ I Pledge Allegiance/ Tiffany's
11.07.2005The Orange Line. Come for the fun, stay for the accident investigation./ Would you rather your son be a Hare Krishna or Gay?/ Big Hunks & Sugar Daddys/ Election Calls!
10.31.2005Ho Dies at Age 80/ Why do women really wear slutty costumes on Halloween?/ Another prominent man admits to getting into his business for the vag (Vagina Makes the world go 'round)/ NBA dress code attacks blacks?
10.24.2005Give President Bush some/ Why do the networks want you to watch television on Thursdays?/ What animal would you be?/ Would you hold the purse?/ Read Mail Receipts are depressing
10.17.2005Jackhammers and smoking/ 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong/ Bush Should Nominate A Fetus To The Supreme Court/ Yom Kippur/ Religeous Fanatics Obsessed With Harriet Miers/ If Abortion Is Outlawed There Will Be More Poor Black People Standing On Roofs During The Next Katrina!/ Powerful Rich Will Always Be Able To Abort/ What Is A "Semi-Romantic" Relationship?!
10.10.2005College major in vagina/ If you get E. Coli you must not have a girlfriend/ National Coming Out Day - What's the "Big Deal?"/ In a wide ranging news conference that ran nearly an hour, Bush sounded intelligent and like a strong leader
10.03.2005Pictures of dead women/ People trying way too hard to be politically correct/ Stealing chicken/ My dilemma - Talking to foes as Producer Sharp
09.26.2005What the Hell is going on?: A lot of bad and ridiculous news on tv/ Your kid could die if you choose to have a baby-sitter raise him instead of you./ An online dating service for liberals only/ It's a Christian Value to expell a girl from school because her parents are lesbians
09.19.2005Why do me really become doctors? (Vagina Makes The World Go 'Round)/ Hiding from my own cat/ Mammogram porn?/ Ilove L.A.! Even the weekend anchors are hot!/ Forget about the school pledge being unconstitutional;The U.S. should not Observe Day of Prayer for Katrina Victims/ Public Schools put dangerous kids in your child's class room
09.12.2005Name Change/ My 3RD 5K - I beat my time!/ Can masters and slaves be "friends"? The first album featuring hits by different artists was created to get into a girl's sweater (vagina makes the world go 'round) (Or Breasts, as the case may be)/ When it comes to issues where prejudice and discrimination are involved, the rights of the minority cannot be trusted to the "will of the people".
09.05.2005How old do YOU feel?/ "Sorry" fixes everything/ Rioting and shooting - Do we really want to help these people?
08.29.2005Acrylamide is my favorite food - Yum!/ Who was your first crush?/ If you send your kids to day care do you really think you can be replaced by a 5 dollar an hour immigrant?/ 49ers player dies while praying - Why do you think it will help you?/ Instead of giving your grandparents a fake marriage for a present, why don't you just be proud of who you are and tell your grandparents the truth and tell them that they should be proud of you too./ Humans are just another species at the zoo
08.22.2005Mariah Carey envies those poor starving kids on TV/ smoking, and the "Jennings effect"/ rapper Kanye West questioned his sexuality/ is it offensive to call someone a gay icon or to ask if a show has gay listeners?/ Black white dating and all that
08.15.2005Dust from the year 1479/ People are losing weight eating at McDonald's/ Evidently, the Himalayan Nanga Parbat Mountain's unconquered Rupul Face... is still unconquered I don't think John Kerry really wants to help Hispanics/ Dallas' Miss Ellie's interesting life
08.08.2005Anonymous Angry Email/ Iraq presents plan to fight insurgents - Well halefrickenluya!/ Headlines/ Unpixellated boobs/ A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: Discrimination or Preservation?
08.01.2005Serena Survives Root Canal/ I knew Echinacea didn't work!/ George W. Bush has done more for women and their rights than most feminists
07.22.2005Serena Sharp Radio And Internet Interview
07.25.2005Thanks for the name calling. How rude.
07.18.2005A word to Rosie O'Donnell/ Another Wardrobe Malfunction/ NASA's "safety culture" has not been fixed/ Sandra Bullock has finally turned me off
07.11.2005Bulls Gore - Duh!/ Feminine Product Name Origin Revealed/ Feed Lindsay!/ A Law That Steals Your House Is Used To Steal The Law Maker's House! - Yay!/ Should illegal immigrants qualify for in-state college tuition?/ London Bombings: The rescuer's story
07.04.2005I Measured Myself!/ Sedated & In Debt VS. Wide Awake, Baby!/ BBW Threesome!
06.27.2005A Hot chick can hold my attention through 2 hours of ANY movie/ Snapple's attempt at a new Guiness world record has ended in a sticky mess./ Guantanamo Prisoners Well Fed!/ Another example that religion is ridiculous and evil/ Good News For Bigots!: You Can Now Go To Disneyland!
06.20.2005Fear Factor sued for being too Frightful/ If You Don't Have To Work Saturdays, Go Thank A Jew./ The New York Times Is Bowing To The Christers/ Should a prince fall in love with another prince?/ Why Should The Senate Apologize For Lynchings?
06.13.2005It's legal to discriminate against kids with gay parents/ Some people don't want a murderer prosecuted because he's 80-years-old. Should murder be legal for old people?/ The law doesn't say anything about letting bloody men with chain saws into the country, so I guess it's O.K.!
06.06.2005Do you still have any mix tapes around?/ A woman who had an abortion compares what she did to murder
05.30.2005Are french fries vegetables?/ Destroy some cells in a Petri dish to save a life - I'm for that.
05.23.2005More car-pool lanes we can't use/ Men Don't Want Marriage/ You think our election was effed up? In Pennsylvania they voted to teach religion in science class./ 12 dead insurgents - Yay!
05.16.2005Should teachers omit facts from students to be politically correct?/ The Mayoral Race - Tweedledum versus Tweedledee
05.09.2005Albuquerque Or Las Vegas/ More Freeway Shootings Less Traffic/ Missing Iguana/ Looking @ Breasts Lowers Blood Pressure/ Chris Rock Defends Steroid Use Among Athletes?/ Dirty Talk offensive in a locker room full of guys?/ More Virgin Mary seen in stain news
05.02.2005Is it an insult if your beauty contest is held in a zoo?/ Duck Hatches Ducklings/Pope Seen Through Window/ the pledge of what?
04.25.2005God has sent another sign/ Iraqis Happy/ Did Schwarzenegger really misspeak because of a "language problem?"/ Internet College?
Lincoln A Homo.mp3Lincoln A Homo
04.18.2005Mile of Men - Yay!/ Rhinos versus Hippos/ Should we make baseball bats illegal?
04.11.2005Gays Evil; Child Porn O.K./ If you're a smoker, should you really be "surprised," when you're diagnosed with cancer?/ Only Rich & Famous Should Suffer Disease & Injury/ Why aren't Stem Cell Opponents against fertility clinics?/ Ban SUVs? Dandruff Affects Atmosphere-Should we mandate Head & Shoulders?
04.04.2005I don't get the mourning for the pope/ Government Website discriminates/ Teachers always bring their private life into the classroom - Unless they're Bisexual
03.28.2005Serena Sharpfeather/ Going to church didn't save little girl. What makes you think it will save you?/ Water and food are not artificial means
03.21.2005Apparently death row is sexy to women/ Evidently Bonny Lee Bakley committed suicide/ Is tradition a good reason to discriminate?/ Was the war worth it?
03.14.2005Drunk Drivers who kill should be charged with murder/ BAN CAR-CHASES/ Refund Social Security
03.07.2005Scott Peterson's mom is evil/ Let's all work from home in honor of Martha Stewart's home confinement/ Women Adopt Frozen Embryos, Save Them from Science/ It's not like people are going to be f---ing you and pulling your arm out of its socket, or sitting on your arm./ U.S. Forces Wound Freed Hostage in Iraq - Doh!/ If the idiots at the phone company can answer in 2 minutes, it shouldn't take 8 minutes to get ahold of 911/ Spike Lee racist
02.28.2005Parents don't know how to explain the police shooting of the 13-year-old suspected car thief to their kids. How 'bout telling them not to steal cars and back them into police officers?/ He's just the pope for god's sake
02.21.2005halitosis/ cancer shmancer - cure the penis!/ Does size matter?...should it matter...u tell me/ And another reason to love the Internet!/ Legalize Polygamous Marriage
02.14.2005African-American/ American Kids Jaded/ Wife Swap
02.07.2005Michael Jackson/ Iraqis voted because they live in occupied territory/ Is the Pledge Of Allegiance against your religion?
01.31.2005Serena moved by Iraqi vote/ Where are the Iraqi women?/ Amber Alert Enough Already?/ When 25-million-dollars isn't enough/ Should genius criminals be put in prison or put to work?/ Apparently, cocaine and spray lube don't mix./ While prostitution is still illegal, you can auction off the use of your body parts on eBay and make a bundle/ If you're gonna kill yourself, just do it already - by yourself, at home
01.24.2005Can you buy a happy childhood?/ When a weatherman is fired for a verbal flub that sounds like a racial slur, who is the racist?/ California Executes Convicted Killer - Yay!/ If you believe in abortion, why would you care what a church does with aborted fetuses?
01.17.2005I Have A Dream/ Gay Bomb/ If someone steals, should she be turned in, even if the victim doesn't want that to happen?/ Is an anonymous e-card really the way to tell someone you gave them a disease?
01.10.2005Why didn't THE AMAZING KRESKIN know?/ 'Who's YOUR Daddy'?/ GOD FLOODS CHURCH/ Should the news media be showing the truth?
01.03.2005Are American people jaded?/ Should the lottery change its rules so the 94-year-old winner can get paid before she dies?/ Another great money making idea for you.../ In regard to the tsunami, "god" has some explaining to do.
06.16.2003Sex & The Senior Citizens
02.10.2003Toy Guns/ Michael Jackson

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