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New in the KUCI Music Library
October 2, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma

Unnatural Helpers - Land Grab - (Hardly Art)
Itís fun rock n roll with lyrics that question lots of confusing occurrences in the world...the cover art does a great job at explaining what theyíre all about...pretty yellow flowers, but when you look closer realize theyíre weeds...deceiving and anything but lovely... electric guitar buzzing like bees conventionally mating

Dum Dum Girls - End of Daze EP - (Sub Pop)
A bit different from their earlier upbeat garage pop albums... lyrics of looking back at past hardships and being hopeful about the future... almost a sadder tone but still a cool as cucumber sense of pace... grieving and reflecting... crystalline vocals that will make make you sway with feelings of fear but confidence

Melodyís Echo Chamber - S/T - (Fat Possum)
Itís hypnotizing synth pop from Paris-based Melody Prochet... psychedelia and wildness that would be perfect to listen to while doing chemistry homework and waking up from an Alice In Wonderland dream that seemed too good to be true

Moon Duo - Circles - (Sacred Bones)
From San Francisco, duo Sanae Yamada and former guitarist of Wooden Shijps, Ripley Johnson...futuristic pylon hum and heat-haze fuzz space rock...itíll make you want to enter a video game that combines nature with aliens in some way

Reptile Youth - S/T - (HFN Music)
post pop duo from Denmark... itís a happy sedation after dancing around the campfire in circles wearing neon colored tights and face paint with complete strangers

Vacation Club - S/T EP Ė (Happenin)
itís good vibes garage punk... fuzzed out instruments and muffled vocals perfect for a night in after cancelled plans with flaky friends


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