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New in the KUCI Music Library
October 8, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

harlan - night loop (still beat recordings)
with a feeling of groundlessness, night loop combines analog synths and drum machine as well as natural instrumentation. the album "embraces a sense of mystery and stares deeply into the unanswerable question of where do we go once we've supposed to have arrived"

the luyas - animator - (cancon)
cheurubic vocals loom and dance over funky yet mellow groove of melodies. with the theme of the album being death, the songs take us on a compelling and seductive journey "without resorting to nostalgia"

bogan via - wait up - (common wall)
ballads that connect the vibes of a modern concert venue (maybe the echo) crossed with vibes of walking slowly through a sunny field of wheat. easy and sweet, yet modern and focused. really good stuff.

King Tuff - screaming skull 7'' / total control - scene from a marriage 7" - (sup pop)
if you want to get your indie dance on, this may be a good place to start. a split between 2 2-track 7''. solid stuff from sub pop.

santah - you're still a lover - (self released)
rich and textured tracks that i did not want to skip through. lyrics worth slowing down to listen to. catchy in a blissful way.

the bipolar bears - s/t - (ascap)
folk vibes into one congruent sound.

the bitter roots - chiaroscuro - (self released)

hammock - departure songs - (hammock music)
RIYL: sigur ros, explosions in the sky, battle of mice
more themes of death and loss as we transition into the fall season. allowing room not only for holiday warmth and joy but also some seasonal sadness. the album is aptly named with heavily instrumental tracks with hypnotic sounds and sprinkled in gracefully distorted vocals. almost two full hours of this feeling and atmosphere. beyooootiful.

sonic theories - (live sessions from CJSW 90.0FM/2012)
calgary's campus and community radio station live performances. FANTASTIC collection of music from all over the spectrum, very KUCI friendly :)

hounds below - you light me up in the dark - (slimstyle)
oh i like this. very catchy, easy singalongs. uplifting melodic rock with the urgency of post-punk. full of energy, lightness and looking into the future.

black marble - a different arrangement - (hardly artbeautiful)
synth punk tunes. that mellow dreamy sassiness that puts me in a sort of "lost in translation" quiet contemplation mode. monday mm


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