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New in the KUCI Music Library
December 7, 2012
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

The Barbaras - 2006-2008 Ė (Goner)
The Barbaras rocked out the Memphis underground (alongside Jay Reatard) in the late 2000s but never recorded an album. This album contains all their songs in one place, which is very convenient indeed. Itís low-fi bubblegum garage pop that is loads of fun and super fuzzy.

Goodnight Lights - As Far As The Moon - (Self Released)
From Philadelphia, this quartet is out with their third album which is totally DIY with the self-produced self-released attitude. Itís shoegaze rock with a fuzzy guitar. Itís as familiar as catching fireflies in jars as a kid (or still to this day?) and thinking they were lightning bugs.

Lamps - Under The Water Under The Ground - (In The Red)
I couldnít understand one word on this album. Itís that muffled and that good. Low-fi fuzzy garagey surf rock. Itís music for chimpanzees, in a good way. Psychologists tell sad people to eat bananas because potassium boosts happiness, which is why monkeys are so hyper all the time. This album will have the same effect if you give it a listen. But I think itíll only work if youíre a punk or a chimp or something in between.

SCOUT - All Those Relays - (Invisible Brigades)
Singer/guitarist Ashen Keilyn does a fantastic job leading this band in New York City. Itís mellow rock with a smoky voice and even smokyer eye makeup. Itís music to listen to when you want to feel good about yourself or if you feel under attack because itís so mellow and honest about the human condition.

The Jigsaw Seen - Gifted - (Vibro-Phonic)
Back with their third album in three years, itís psychedelia and 60ís pop with some fuzz and a lot of smiles. Itís music to be enjoyed with a fruity mixed drink in one hand, and your loverís hand in the other. The holidays are nearing, and this album is as cool as the ice skating ring you will take your one and only to.

Steight Angular - Everyone is Syncopated EP - (Polk)
Itís Boston style garage pop punk that will tickle your mental neurons. Lyrics span from shopping, the environment, and the woes of online dating. I canít tell if this is just some kind of joke or if theyíre for real, but whatever their intentions, this album rocks.

Gospel Claws - Put Your Sunshine Away - (Self Released)
Itís indie rock that is somewhere in between emo and happy vibes sounding music. Itís a bit like realizing one is going to be a crazy cat lady for the rest of her life, or just someone who will grow plants and have a garden instead of having kids. Itís not a pleasant idea, but itís the truth, and there is always beauty in truth.

Goldenboy - The New Familiar - (Eenie Meenie)
Electric guitars and string synths with hearty vocals. Itís music that will calm you down after a hard day at work or school. But if you listen to it after youíve just broken up with someone, itíll make you feel worse.

Io Echo - S/T Ė (IAMSOUND)
From LA, this duo is an industrial daydream. With airy vocals and shoegazey gothic rhythms. It even has some Chinese violins, which is both haunting and lovely.


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