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January 28, 2013
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

FIDLAR stands for ďFuck It Dawg, Lifeís A RiskĒ and that is exactly what this LA surfy garage punk band is all about. Finally, their first full length album filled with lo-fie songs about drinking cheap beer, being in thier mid 20s, and not having a stable career/not caring. Luckily, we get the clean edit copy of the album, that means we can play any song on the air and not worry about the cussing (which is almost in every song of the album). So shove some broke, drunken people around, and play it loud. Itís best when listened to in the car on your way to the skatepark or to the beach to catch some waves.

Useless Eaters - Hypertension - (Jeffery Drag Records)
Having a lonely childhood of living on army bases, Seth Sutton taps into his moody punky self when making this album with his lovely band. Itís meaty melodies about bringing awareness to people who will buy into anything.

Yellow Red Sparks - Yellow Red Sparks - (ORG Music)
Itís folky, deep, and moving. The album has an overall sadness to it which is rich and relatable. Itís music for the drive to a cabin getaway for the weekend with your lonesome self after a tragic occurrence which took place not too long ago.

Hang Time - Hang Time - (self released)
A combination of space exploration, synths, video games, bubble baths, and garage rock. Itís bubblegum goodness that has gone to the future and back for a pleasurable listening experience.

Donora - Play Nice - (Rostrum Records)
Itís good vibes melodic pop that is appropriate for pre schoolers to listen to while making play-dough art. Itís also something santa clause listens to when he has the summers off. Itís friendly and playful, with smiles all around :]

Ariel + The Undertow - Ariel + The Undertow - (Tangled Mane Records)
Soulful vocals coupled with ukulele sounds and indie rock make for a magical trip. Itís all about friendship and human interactions, but this album will make you forget all of that, leaving you wanting to jump into the sea and swim forever.

The Ruby Suns - Christopher - (Sub Pop)
Itís airy synth gloss pop. A breakup album thatís not all that sad.

Lost Animal - Ex Tropical - (Hardly Art)
Keyboard and synth talent pour out of this album and leave you feeling uncomfortable in such a beautiful way after a sonic exploration.

Psychic Ills - One Track Mind - (Sacred Bones)
Itís psych pop at its finest. Listen to it while emotionally walking your dog on the days that are not your best.

foxygen - we are the 21st century ambassadors of peace & magic Ė (jagjaguwar)
there is a playful honesty that shines through this album. blossoming, easy joy spilling from these songs and into your room!

night beds - country sleep - (dead oceans)
very striking and enchanting as well as powerful debut album right here. pure country soul, dreamy and full of life. wintson yellen speaks from so much experience for just being 23 years old.

widowspeak - almanac - (captured tracks)
layers of instrumentation and hazy voacls showcasing quiet introspection and western dream chasing. both nostalgic and forward-seeking.

pere ubu - lady from shanghai - (fire)
rich with slightly experimental sounds -------. the album on the darker, more colder side of the emotional spectrum.

solange - true - (terrible records)
elegant and tasteful r&b and pop blended perfectly together. gleaming full of soul, exciting and not disappointing in the least.

wooden wand - blood oaths of the new blues - (fire)
bold, adventurous and hopeful, evoking the weary spirit of humankind. bluesish country backed by lovely instrumentation.

ra ra riot - beta love - (barsuk)
indie-electro dance tracks with little seriousness involved.

mystical weapons - mystical weapons - (chimera music)
full of ever-changing melodic landscapes of weaving riff and rhythms. a journey of instrumental experimentation and exploration. a little something something for everyone.

the growlers - hung at heart - (everlong)
easy, happy, tipsy-swaying music. desert surf rock with african rhythm. pulling from that OC garage-rock heart.

toro y moi - anything in return - (carpark)
dreamy, soulful, r&b and pop electronic concoction pulling from space, disco, and chill times for the ultimate good time! "subtly expanding his range and refining his production skills"

broadcast - berbian sound studio - (warp)
fun "dark sounds for a film about a man who creates dark sounds for a film" full of synths and howling organs. really cool sounds for your music bed library.

yo la tengo - fade Ė (matador)
cohesive and direct, attaining a lyrical universality and grandeur. emotional, tender and raw.


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