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New in the KUCI Music Library
March 4, 2013
by: Angela Taslakian and Michelle Ma, Co-Music Directors

The Traditional Fools – “The Traditional Fools” –( In The Red Records)
This is a garage punk album by Ty Segall, Andrew Luttrell, and David Fox. This album brings the hard driving sound of Ty Segall with a sprinkle of surf, all under a different band name. If you like Ty Segall you will probably enjoy this record. “Please” and “Layback!!!” are the highlights of this album.

The Lovely Bad Things – “The Late Great Whatever” - (Volcom Entertainment)
This is another great Californian sounding album that is evocative of a Ty Segall sound. All tracks have great energy. “Honeycomb Tomb” is highly recommended.

Tarmac Adam – “The History Effect” – (Onesize Records)
True indie pop sound, reminiscent of a slowed down version of the Men Without Hats mixed with a hint of Death Cab For Cutie. “You As Me” (Track 3) has a very lofty sound and really picks up steam when singer Maddy Hay comes in. “Seven Days” has a slight Sufjan Stevens sound to it. “Window Pane” and “Chalk On Slate” are the most upbeat tunes on this sleepy and ethereal record. No OPI. Indie Pop.

The Hectors - “Her Dark Majesty” – (Tarantism Records)
The Hectors bring an Indie Rock album that has a very Californian sound. It evokes the feeling of a road trip in the perfect Californian weather. Has a very Best Coast vibe. “Episodes” and “Your Favorite Year” probably encapsulate this album most accurately.

Suun – “Images du Futur”- (Secretly Canadian Records)
This album starts with a heavy build up on “Powers of Ten”, and continues the powerful sound throughout. Has a mildly sinister sound to the record, almost kind of like Radiohead, Muse, and the bassist from Tool mixed together to write an album.

Popstrangers – “Antipodes” – (Carpark Records)
Pop/Garage record reminiscent of classic shoegazing sounds. The Popstrangers walk the line between shoegaze and garage . This album is full of fuzzy guitar and distortion, perfect for anyone looking for new shoegaze.

The World Record – “Come On Summer” EP – (Squid Vs. Whale)
An Indie rock record clearly drawing from some Death Cab influences. The album is full of happy, summer-y (as per the title of the record) guitar sounds. Distinct 90’s college radio sound, the album strangely enough ends with a cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.

Alex Calder – “Time” EP – (Captured Tracks Records)
Here is another shoegaze indie rock record that does a good job of capturing the feeling of a slow winter’s day. The song “Time” (track 4) perhaps sums up this entire album the best. Although some songs sound similar to each other so be weary of back to back plays.

Golden Grrrls – “Golden Grrrls”- (Slumberland Records)
A Shoegaze/Gargae rock album from Glasgow band Golden Grrrls. All around nice soft sound, not too abrasive and very calming. Another word that could be used to describe this album is ‘nostalgic’. #3 “Paul Simon” is recommended along with #8 “ Wrld Peace”.


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