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September 30, 2013
by: Martim Galv„o

Heaven's Gate - Transmuting - Inflated
Totally unintelligible shoegaze from Brooklyn, in a good way. Heaven's Gate manage to bring energy and form to a scene plagued by clumsy songwriting while still maintaining the defining aesthetics of the genre.

Luke Temple - Good Mood Fool - Secretly Canadian
Ranging from Peter Gabriel-esque 80s grooves to soulful/funky arrangements, this album delivers solid tracks all the way through. Definitely recommended.

The Herms - Drop Out Vol 1 - Castleface
Keeping on with their tradition of re-releasing incredible tracks, Castleface brings us The Herms, hailing from an alternate dimension in Berkeley, CA. Everything sounds homebrewed in the best way possible - with weird mix levels and out of tune accordions howling from an 8-track of days gone by.

Is Tropical - I'm Leaving - Kitsune/Cooperative
Somewhere between early 70's psychedelia, British pop, and synth pop - with a dash of dance and a heap of indie, Is Tropical's sophomore album is a worthy successor to 'Native To'.

Wolf & Cub - Heavy Weight - Adelaide
Driving, at times dark, but always retaining a smoky dive venue sort of energy - Wolf & Cub's latest album fits somewhere between skinny jeans and leather jackets.

Jesse Woods - Get Yourself Lifted - Guns In The Sun
Everything is bigger in Texas, including the sound from this Austin native. Whisky-drenched and echo-laden, this haunted folk album deserves a place between your ears.

ARMS - EP-2 - Paper Garden
A quintet of tunes from the Harlem Shakes guitarist and drummer Tlacael Esparza. Urgent and relaxed, careening and melancholic, this EP is ready to take you both ways and back.

Hunters - s/t - Mom + Pop
Harmonious chaos woven into a fuzzy and violent sort of punk rock. Their debut EP is riff after riff of pure NYC style.

Au Revoir Simone - Move In Spectrums - Instant
The Brooklyn synth trio's first new LP in 3 years, Move In Spectrums delivers majestic pop comprised of complex and catchy melodies. Good job ladies.

Various - Beatles Reimagined - Community Project
A great tribute album to the band we all grew up with. Sort of makes you wonder what it would sound like if The Beatles covered some of your favorite indie bands.

Dog Bite - LA EP - Carpark
The ATL-based quartet showcases the talents of singer Phil Jones and bassist Woody Shortridge on their latest EP, conceptualized during their stint in LA.

Terry Malts - Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere - Slumberland
Like a manic rush of buzzsaw guitars and giant hooks, Terry Malts' second full length retains the band's signature style while adding in some funky punk like a cherry on top.

The Chambermaids - Whatever Happened Tomorrow - Guilt Ridden Pop/OBW
The third full-length album for the Twin cities-based band sees them reach a new depth in songwriting as well as seamlessly incorporate complex textural fragments.

Kelley Stoltz - Double Exposure - Third Man Records
A mainstay of the SF garage-psych scene since the early 2000s, Kelley Stoltz is back with his signature psych-tinged hooks. Definitely not something you want to pass on.

Crystal Stilts - Nature Noir - Sacred Bones
Expanding on the band's tastes in soul, funk, psych, country and, and proto-punk, Crystal Stilts' third LP is a probing look at the connections between individual and environment.



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