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New in the KUCI Music Library
November 21, 2013
by: Katrina Yentch

The Can't Tells - No Television - Medical Records
Fast-paced yet filled with laid back instrumental notes, The Can't Tells debut album "No Television" is plain old feel-good rock, yet within each track avoids the typically redundant nature of the genre. Catchy bass & guitar lines and smooth vocals; everything merely flows into place. They're that band that was confined to their parents' garages from your high school days; their lyrics scream such.

William Onyeabor - Who is William Onyeabor? - Luaka Bop
Long blues funk instrumentals that loop yet remain consistently groovy and danceable. Onyeabor chants the song titles that echo the messages reflected in the tracks. Unique vocals that are accompanied by a choir of equally unique vocalists. Occasional synth-esque disco beats are thrown here and there. Expect a multitude of instruments on this album, from bongo drums to crowd-induced rhythmic clapping.

Cass McCombs - Cass McCombs 13 Big Wheel and Others - Domino
Opens on a whimsical note, 4-year-old's voice questions what's about to take place. The album captures a smooth laid back vibe; McCombs embodies whole-hearted folk rock. He takes bits of Latin influences in his acoustic arrangements. Reminiscent of hippie rock from the 70's, it's overall a pleasant listen.

Ducktails - Wish Hotel - Domino
Short and sweet, the album puts one under a palm tree sipping a beer and reminiscing over a more recent summer. Ducktails, aka Matt Mondonile of Real Estate, is your classic indie rock artist with plastic-framed glasses and contemplative lyrics in the form of your solid five-piece band set; however, he's a one man act. Mondonile takes the last track to experiment a little with synth keyboards and close it off.

Diane Coffee - My Friend Fish - Western Vinyl
Diane Coffee, aka Shaun Fleming, veers away from the whimsical cheers of Foxygen to try out something a little edgier and bluesier. This is catchy bass-based rock that is clean, crisp and memorable. The tracks have comical titles, with occasional bits that are reminiscent of 50's doo-wop rock. The vocals accompany the instrumentals fittingly. On a fun side note, he did a lot of voice acting for Disney in his childhood. Talk about a changed career for the better, eh?

Seasick Steve - Hubcap Music - Third Man Records
Fittingly a part of Jack White's Third Man Records, Seasick Steve is country blues rock with power and drive; it metaphorically and rhythmically transports you to the South. Again, catchy rhythm bass and even catchier guitar lines that hook you right at the start of each track. Upbeat and simple to understand: Wold is here to make unapologetic rock, whether you like it or not.

St. Lucia - When The Night - Columbia Records
Practically set to accompany an 80's teen movie, St. Lucia is full on power-pop with loud anthem-type vocals; incredibly reminiscent of 80's glam synth. Driven by keytar riffs, the album is fast-paced and never pauses to take a breath; each track begs you to dance and bounce at your maximum energy levels. When The Night is plain fun and sure to have listeners turning up their radios. Already expecting remixes to come.



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