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New in the KUCI Punk Library
December 3, 2013
by: Tommy DeSilva

Polar Bear Club –Death Chorus – [Rise Records]
Polar Bear Club is a five piece Post-Hardcore/Pop Punk band from Rochester, NY. On their new full length album Death Chorus, the band shows a major transition in their sound, contributed mostly to lead singer Jimmy Stadt’s change in vocal style. Drew Beringer of absolutepunk.net described the band’s transition the best when he said, “So while the vocals will the most jarring change for fans, they can take comfort in the fact that the band is still kicking ass musically, as Death Chorus results in the band’s most electric and confident sounding release yet.” The songs on this album feature a unique sound that is inspired by various punk rock components and is complimented by an abundance of graceful melodies that appeal to a large audience. Tracks to defiantly check out on this album include “Blood Balloon,” “Graph Paper Glory Days,” “WLWYCD,” and “Chicago Spring.” Polar Bear Club is currently on tour and will be playing at in Anaheim at Chain Reaction on November 27th.

Audacity – Butter Knife – [Suicide Squeeze Records]
Audacity is a four piece Indie-Punk/Garage Rock band from Fullerton, CA. The songs on their new album Butter Knife feature a garage-band type sound through the use of twangy guitars, pounding drums, and raw angsty vocals. Mike Palmieri of inyourspeakers.com described the sound of this record the best when he said, “The vocal performance on this album isn't the only thing high-speed, low-drag, and high intensity on this album. The band (that being the instruments) is pretty damn exciting. Everything is a hell of a lot sharper than a butter knife.” The songs on Butter Knife show elements of different local ‘80s punk bands such as The Adolescents, Agent Orange, and The Descendents. Tracks to definitely check out on this album include “Couldn’t Hold A Candle,” “Pigs,” “Hole in the Sky,” and “Red Win (Anymore).” Audacity is currently on tour and is always playing shows in Fullerton and other surrounding cities in Orange County .

Waxeater – Baltimore Record – [Latest Flame Records]
Waxeater is a 3 piece Hardcore/Thrash band from Bloomington, IN. There new album Baltimore Record is a loud in-your-face record that blows out the listener’s ear drums. The songs on this album can be considered multiple genres such as hardcore punk, melodic hardcore, hard rock, and thrash. Elements of bands such as Black Flag, The Foo Fighters, Only Crime, Queens of the Stone Age, and D.R.I. can be heard on this album. Tracks to definitely check out on this record include “One Man and Two Barrels (Will Never Be Enough),” “That’s Protestant Whiskey,” “The Bunk,” and “A Man Has to Have Code.” Waxeater is an up and coming band who is trying to gain more recognition by playing more shows back on the East Coast.

The Star Darts – Shooting Star Darts – [Attack Media Records]
The Star Darts are a 3 piece Pop Punk band from Grand Rapids, MI. Their debut album Shooting Star Darts is an upbeat and catchy record that shows a heavy punk rock influence as well. Elements of old and new punk rock bands such as The Ramones, The Clash, MXPX, and Alkaline Trio can be heard on this album. Tracks to definitely check out on this record include “They Do it All the Time,” “Already Sleepin,” and “What Have You Done?” Shooting Star Darts will be re-released on Universal Records in January of 2014, which will hopefully gain the band some more well deserved recognition.



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