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New in the KUCI Music Library
March 4, 2014
by: Katrina Yentch

Satellite Stories - Pine Trails - Cargo Records
Everything about Pine Trails from chord progressions to 4/4 count-ins, to pleasant and upbeat indie pop structure, screams Two Door Cinema Club but with even heavier accents. The album is a charming and optimistic set of well-written and produced tracks that will make you risk public embarrassment by dancing in the studio. The last track "Lorraine" closes it endearingly.

Taco Cat - NVM - Hardly Art Records
If you thought the name of this band was whimsical, wait till you hear the music. It is simply fun girl rock that seems like it would accompany the soundtrack of any teen movie rather well. The backing vocals and harmonies make these tracks all the more enticing.

Natural Child - Dancin' With Wolves - Burger Records
Natural Child is a pretty good indicator of what kind of music will fill your ears. Catchy bass lines and guitar hooks propel this album forward, and thus a beautiful classic fusion of blues rock and indie rock merge into one. The entire album has a similar sound, but each track uniquely creates such sound.

Cherry Glazerr - Haxel Princess - Burger Records
"Shoe-gazey, lo-fi dream pop" but with some tastefully rough edges. Cherry Glazerr (please tell me there are not only a handful of us who understand this reference) refines the teen garage band sound and makes repeated verses,choruses, and power chords actually worth a listen. Simply look at the track titles and you're already going to find yourself willing to give this band some air time.

Cataldo - Gilded Oldies
Pop rock with some occasional light mix in of electro pop, Gilded Oldies is introspective and accompanied by gorgeous piano hooks. The vocals are equally entrancing; everything about this album seems to simply fit like a puzzle. There's something for everyone on this album.



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