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The Knife
Swedish Sibling Pop
by: Ziba Z

The Knife are a brother-sister duo from Stockholm, Sweden, Olof and Karin Dreije, who sing in English. They first caught my ear when I heard Steel Drums in between electro beats! I was so excited! These siblings are far from a Caribbean band, though. Their synth-pop electro beats will make you DANCE DANCE DANCE! Sometimes when I listen, I try hard to search for similarities to Ace of Base — hahaha.

One time, when I was watching Ugly Betty, I was like, wait a second, it’s the Knife’s music I hear in the background of a party scene! I was like, whoa, they are bigger than I thought! Yes. Apparently since 1999, they have been making fine fine music. They even won a Grammy in Sweden for Pop Group of the Year in 2003! I guess it takes awhile for the word to spread to the U.S.A.

My favorite song by The Knife is “Got to Let U,” from their 2005 album Deep Cuts. Their most recent local show dates, in November 2006 at the El Rey in Los Angeles, were SOLD-OUT. I wish I could have been there. I can just imagine the dancing heads in the crowd, dark lighting, club setting, totally fun! Their latest U.S. release, the E.P. Marble House, was out last month (Feb. 2007) on Mute records — a year after it was released in Sweden. I recommend checking out the two E.P.’s before that, Like a Pen and We Share our Mother’s Health. A lot of those remixes are even more fun than the originals!

“I’m in love with your brother, what’s his name” Those are some of the crazy lyrics. The video is here. Oh yes, I do enjoy listening to in their songs. Check out “Pass This On” also on Deep Cuts (you can hear steel drums in that one, too!). Love those dance beat remixes! The Dahlbäck and Dahlbäck Remix of “Pass This On” is awesome and so are The Knife… PASS THAT ON!



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