Presenting: OUR ENCYCLOPEDIA! Plus: MP3s linked whenever possible. This is about four hours of local music. Enjoy til death. Also: don't forget our exclusive live tracks from these bands and more over at our LIVE SERIES. TOO LATE: the scene at your fingertips!


THE 400 BLOWS: "The Root Of Our Nature", "The Ugly Are So Beautiful", "Mortar And Pestle" [from Black Rainbow CD/LP on Rehash ]

THE ALLEGED GUNMEN: "Audio Invasion" [from Audio Invasion 7" on Kapow ]

THE BOLIDES: [music at www.mp3.com]

BROKEN BOTTLES: [music at www.mp3.com]

CENTRAL CITY TRANSMISSION: "Strange Attraction", "Black and Whites", "We Kept On Walking" [self-released]

DANCE DISASTER MOVEMENT: "The Shots", "I Want Your Sass" [from We Are From Nowhere LP on Dim Mak]

DIOS: [music at www.mp3.com]

THE DISTRACTION: "Razorblade Kiss" [from Calling All Radios CD on Dirtnap] [more music at www.mp3.com]

THE FLASH EXPRESS: "Beat That Kills", "Feel These Blues" [self-released]

THE INTELLIGISTA: [music at www.mp3.com ]

LE SHOK: "122 Hours Of Fear" [unreleased], "Telephone Disasters" [from Telephone Disasters split 7" on GSL], "She Prefers Whips" [from DNA 7" on Tigersuit] [more]

THE LIPSTICK PICKUPS: "Better Than You" [from Better Than You 7" on Kapow] [more music at www.mp3.com]

LIVING SCIENCE FOUNDATION: "Sin City Lights", "Delete The Files" [self-released]

THE MAINFRAME: "Runner One", "The Shape Of My Love", "Ravenous", "Join The Majority", "What Lies Beneath Us" [self-released]

THE MANIFOLDS: "Boris Named Boredom" [self-released]

MIRACLE CHOSUKE: "Gonk", "Clifton" [from 7/8 Wonder Of The World LP on Dim Mak] [more music at www.mp3.com]

MIDNIGHT MOVIES: "Strange Design", "Time Of Year", "Just To Play" [self-released]

THE NEW DETECTIVES: [music at www.mp3.com]

THE (NO) APOLOGIES PROJECT: "Dancefloor Demigods" [from to-be-titled CD on Coptercrash] [more music at www.mp3.com]

THE ORPHANS: "Chinatown" [from Chinatown 7" on Kapow]

RADIO VAGO: "Mail Order Bride" [from Black And White Photo Enterprise EP on Buddyhead] [more music on www.mp3.com]

THE RATTLESNAKES: "Radio Dead", "Trojan Horse" [from self-released I, Explosion CD] [more music at www.mp3.com]

THE RED ONIONS: music coming soon.

ROCK GOGGLE FANTASY: "Dance Marathon", "Ladies Wear White"

THE ROLLING BLACKOUTS: "I Don't Know Much About Anything" [from Add Vice 7" on Kapow] [more music at www.mp3.com]

THE SHARP EASE: "T-Spin" [from T-Spin 7" on Soft Spot]

THE SKULLS: "Incomplete Suicide", "Life Ain't So Pretty" [Therapy For The Shy CD/LP on Dr. Strange]

SQUAB: [music at www.mp3.com]

THE STARVATIONS: "Death Spell For Francisco" [from One Long Night EP on Kapow]; "Maintaining My Grave" [from Horrified Eyes 7" on GSL]

THE STITCHES: "Brains On Vacation" [from Four More Songs... EP on Kapow] "Electro Shock Carol" [from 12 Imaginary Inches... CD/LP on TKO], "Nowhere" [from 8 x 12 CD/LP on Vinyl Dog]

STREET TRASH: "What The Shit" [from self-titled EP on Kapow]

THE STUPOR STARS: "(Hey) Maita" [self-released]

SUBTITLE: "Landlocked" [unreleased]

THIS IS REVENGE: [music at www.mp3.com]

TOYS THAT KILL: "Bullet From The Sky", "Little Bit Stranger", "Catholic Damage" [from Citizen Abortion CD/LP on Recess]

THE VACCINE: "Quicksand City", "Cracked Actor" [Live on Too Late!]

THE WILLOWZ: [music at www.mp3.com]