THURSDAY, JULY 24 @ 11:59 PM

No show, due to...the economy.

THURSDAY, JULY 17 @ 11:59 PM

NATALIE who used to do THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT on KUCI and is--to her possible chagrin--the first person who ever played the Strokes for us visits unexpectedly. She brought over actual British punk records that British punks had once owned because she had just come back from England. How swank. No live band.

THURSDAY, JULY 10 @ 11:59 PM

UNKNOWN UNKNOWN UNKNOWN. No live band. Taped, though.


TOO LATE demanded a change of plans with CENTRAL CITY TRANSMISSION! Finally! It's been months in the making, but ever since their first show, we've been after CENTRAL CITY TRANSMISSION to do our bidding! Featuring the most lovable Angelenos going, CCT (or C & C CHOCOLATE FACTORY, as they're known by the local music press) is one of the vanguard of the new new wave of LA bands, cherry-picking both coasts and fifty-some years of rock 'n' roll--X, Television, the Fall, the Wipers, and even a little from the last level of Metroid--into the best time you'll ever have at the Hollywood Ramada Inn. In six months, you will love this band. Or you can just start right now.

THURSDAY, JUNE 26 @ 11:59 PM

TOO LATE wept tears of relief as we brought you Lomita's sweetheartiest band: THE ROLLING BLACKOUTS! Yeah, it's been a long and painful wait: we were drinking in the backyard at their very first show ("Who's this?" we said. "They don't suck as much as an opening band should."), we've been there since before Danny Boom had a rose on his shoulder strap, and now that they're poised to get theirs, we finally got them on the show. This was almost two years to the day that we first saw 'em--are you as misty as we are?

THURSDAY, JUNE 19 @ 11:59 PM

No show. We need a home base. And we went to a hippie wedding. Can you deal?

THURSDAY, JUNE 12 @ 11:59 PM

The RED ONIONS comedy jamboroo spectacular, featuring PAUL HENDRIE at the helm and the rest of us cheering from the poop deck. LADY MIZZ returns, plays two records, and leaves in disgust. SONDRA curses like a sailor. And we do the most involved interview with a band ever, discovering terrifying information about auditioning drummers in the South Bay. Later: "They're writing tickets right now!"


Went to the doctor, took doctor's medicine, got sick. No show. Sorry.

THURSDAY, MAY 29 @ 11:59 PM

Worst show ever. Two hours of Spacemen 3 put our interns to sleep; tedium broken only when LADY MIZZ called to request a PSA. Ugly times.

THURSDAY, MAY 22 @ 11:59 PM

I so don't remember. Something about trains and serial killers. We had a new intern who picked up trash at a Satanic cult site. Also: cursing. Absorb the void.

THURSDAY, MAY 15 @ 11:59 PM

TOO LATE reluctantly presented our hastily contrived 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR! Intern NO NICKNAME YET did great and will no doubt go far, possibly as far as federal prison for stealing music off the Internet. Later: creeps!


The Rattlesnakes [Untitled]
(aired November 18, 2002)
Broken Bottles "Hero"
(aired November 25, 2002)
The Sharp Ease "From The Dodge"
(aired December 2, 2002)
The Fuse! "Beggars and Choosers"
(aired December 9, 2002)
The Bolides "Mr. Pharmacist" (The Other Half)
(aired December 16, 2002)
The Vaccine "Picture My Face" (Teenage Head)
(aired December 30, 2002)
This Is Revenge "Dump The Balcony"
(aired January 17, 2003)
Squab "Hanger"
(aired January 24, 2003)
Toys That Kill "Illegitimate"
(aired January 31, 2003)
The Mean Reds "El Centro"
(aired February 7, 2003)
The Starvations "Sour And Vicious Man"
(The Compulsive Gamblers)

(aired February 14, 2003)
The Orphans "Yeah Yeah Yeah" (The Vibrators)
(aired February 21, 2003)
Killer Dreamer "Tina"
(aired February 28, 2003)
Street Trash "The Junk" (three-guitar version)
(aired March 7, 2003)
Fleshies "You Can Be A Star"
(aired March 28, 2003)
Rock Goggle Fantasy "My Bones Are Fighting"
(aired April 10, 2003)
The Flash Express "Pussy Stank" (Andre Williams)
(aired April 17, 2003)
The Distraction "Transmission Ignition" (new version)
(aired April 24, 2003)
The Intelligista "Some Of Your Attention"
(aired May 1, 2003)
The Willowz "End Song"
(aired May 8, 2003)

THURSDAY, MAY 8 @ 11:59 PM

Most consistent quality show ever, even if THE WILLOWZ never showed. No callers--except our favorites! We daintily romp through meticulously arranged if stale hunks of hipster drecksenkulture--"New York No Wave," "Garage Psych," "The Fall"--and even try backlisting for a few songs, until we realize that every breath we use up on listeners is one less we'll be able to wheeze out during activities we actually enjoy. DARBINA and SOUTHPAW are skeptical when we urge them to attend the BLACKOUTS/GUNMEN/INTELLIGISTA show at OCC; indifference blooms into horror when they learn that a new generation of TOO LATE interns is nigh! Later: schnapps und dick!

THURSDAY, MAY 1 @ 11:59 PM

Due to craziness, you lucky wanks get a sneak six-hours-premature preview of the THE INTELLIGISTA; the punishment--or should we say, 'funishment'?--is that the archived show won't be here for days. Ouch! Keep checking the local shows page; we guarantee we know more about shit than you do. Prove us wrong, kids, prove us wrong!


After cardboard hilarity at the Prospector courtesy THE DISTRACTION, we settle in for a show not nearly as lonely as we thought it would be. Do you people care or are you just toying with us? Probably both. Also: BRING US THE HEAD OF CHRIS BRADLEY! Any persons delivering us the severed cardboard head of Chris Bradley will receive a reward, no questions asked. Serious.


Good times abound: new theme music, callers who were actually familiar with the Germs, Flipper and the Starvations, and the first Can song we ever played--by request! You're doing better, people! Playlists back from the dead soon! UPDATE: No, seriously, playlist soon. Please pay more attention to our live series, too, especially this session by THE FLASH EXPRESS. They transcended their corporeal status as three hungover guys playing in a bedroom to become, if only for a few moments, as near to gods as our plane can handle. JEN in Florida (thanks for getting in touch!) recognizes--do you? Also: thanks to JEN in Milwaukee for the nod in PUNK PLANET's all-zine issue. Nerds, we begrudgingly welcome you!


We showed up an hour late cuz the Feederz. Dead mice were involved. No one called. ROCK GOGGLE FANTASY sounded great. Later OFFICER KRAPPENSHAUER would wound our heart. In the misty woods, a tear falls. A star dies. A satellite slips from orbit and flares out. A child points and smiles. A student loan company sends threatening letters. And finally? The void.


ALL FUNK NO PUNK 2 continues our stratosphere-ward trend of listeners who don't listen and callers who live forty miles away and just want to finalize weekend plans with LADY MIZZ, peaking with a bunch of people who fell asleep in front of their computers to groin-churning R&B from Mort Shuman, Eunice and Eddy, L'il Ray and the Premiers, Los Locos Del Ritmo, and so on and so forth until you acknowledge us for the musicological godmonstermen we are. And there was one girl in Portland who kept sending LADY MIZZ Internet pictures--though not that kind of Internet pictures. Too bad for a rapidly collapsing America: this show ruled while society burned. As a bad writer once said: "Fuck rock 'n' roll; I'd rather read a book." To which we respond: get back to prep school, Meyers! Also: SOUTHPAW and DARBINA fight the law and win to get their very own show, immediately after TOO LATE, called FINAL SUMMATION: NONE. They now go by SANDY and TRISH for no doubt deep-seated psychological reasons and you can listen to them every Friday morning at 3 AM or IM them at summationnone or something. We are very proud of them.

BECAUSE WE LOVE: almost complete playlist for ALL FUNK NO PUNK 2! Learn from it!

Eddie and Eunice, "Daddy Come Back Home"
Ike Turner, "You Gotta Lose"
Tiny Lewis, "I Get Weak"
Los Locos Del Ritmo, "Chica Alborotada"
Florian Monday and His Mondos, "Rip It Up"
Mort Shuman, "I'm A Man"
Marie Adams, "Fool In Love"
The Javalins, "Hold On Tight"
Playboys, "Rock City"
Sammy Fitzhugh, "Sadie Mae"
L'il Ray and the Premiers, "Shake, Shout and Soul"
Antwinetts, "Johnny"
Ricky Coyne and his Guitar Rockers, "Short Fat Fannie"
Paula Grimes, "It's Happenin'"
Chris Tyler, "Five, Ten, Fifteen Hours"
Bobby Long and his Satellites, "Mojo Workout"
Dwarless Fearsley, "Talk Too Much"
Screaming Jay Hawkins, "You Ain't Foolin' Me"
Varetta Dillard, "Scorched" Joe E. Ross, "Ooh! Aah!"
Lewis Reed, "Your Love"
Mickey and Sylvia, "Love Will Make You Fail In School"
Annette Funicello, "Pineapple Princess"
Roy Milton, "One Zippy Zam"
Pat the Cat and his Kittens, "Little Rock Special"
Tommy Brown, "Someday Someway"
Andre Williams, "Look But Don't Touch"
Joyce Harris, "No Way Out"
Bobby Lester, "Am I The Man?"
Curtis Johnson, "High School Hop"
Little Ralphie Molina, "Rockin' the Vowels"
Los Boppers, "Por Que Soy Rebelde"
Roddy Jackson, "The Hiccups"
H-Bomb Ferguson, "Midnight Ramble"
Esquerita, "Get Back Baby"
Wailers, "High Wall"
T.S.U. Toronados, "The Toronado"
The Creeps, "The Whip"
Chick Willis, "Mother Fuyer"
Jay Nelson, "Raise Some San"
Hollywood Vines, "Johnny Comes Slidin' Home"
Rick and the Fairlanes, "Danger"
Monk Higgins and the Satellites, "Mr. Luckee"
Bobby Louis, "Fire Of Love"
Little Walter, "Boom Out Go The Lights!"
Otis Redding, "Hey Hey Baby"
Little Richard, "Land of a Thousand Dances"
Coasters, "Charlie Brown"
Chubby Checkers, "Surfin' Limbo"
Frankie Ervin, "Wilhemina"
Harptones, "Gimme Some"
Jumpin' Jay, "Comin' Home"
Mickey and Sylvia, "Going Home"


We hit a landmark peak of 13 digital listeners and--by reasonable extrapolation--13,046 live listeners with a gut-bustin' program of the same songs we always play, proving in conjunction with FLIPPER FOR PEACE that indeed, no one does care at all. And most people tuned out by FLESHIES, which was even more demoralizing. Worse: someone stole the Love LPs that TARA was so fond of. Well, maybe it was TARA--if so, good taste! Thanks to TOM and his buddy TURBO. Also: KRAPPENSHAUER returns, sings Journey. And a little piece of me dies.


Maybe we should learn something from this: three non-stop hours of the Flipper song "Brainwash" gets us more and more supportive phone calls than anything else we've ever done (even the non pareil ALL FUNK NO PUNK show!). Thanks to those who actually got what we were doing; thanks to DARBINA and SOUTHPAW for getting down with the cause (and they'll have their own show soon, so beware as TOO LATE takes over!). Anyway, now that we've learned that shaky political rationalizations are enough to get you people to listen to anything, expect a huge drop-off in show quality until the North Korean nukes hit Irvine.


Interns take over again; Chris and Lady Mizz call in from Austin, Texas, where all the bands suck and the beer makes you barf. Later: WAR LOOMS.


MOST OFFENSIVE SHOW EVER. STREET TRASH brought 8,000,000 hardcore records and 8,000,000 hardcore fans to the studio, resulting in the phones ringing off the hook and untrammeled obscenity flowing like cheap wine. And KYLE KAPOW even made a rare live appearance, sharing secret B-sides from his upcoming releases, which you should buy, you scums. And probably other stuff happened, but I woke up bruised and confused, so I can't speak to exactly what.


Interns DARBINA and SOUTHPAW make their triumphant return, seizing control of the station to talk about some dork drooling in his lunch while we admit Too Late! freelance fotog ED who takes lot of pictures of empty turntables and people's butts. America, we give you ART. Meanwhile: SONDRA and TARA go Are You Too Late For The Trend? WILD up in Frisco; pix and hickeys coming soon. Also: KILLER DREAMER wads up human decency and flushes it down the station toilet with a Flipper cover longer than their entire actual set. Orgasms had by all, but at what cost? Also: yes, I know this is now a gossip column but it makes me feel important. Leave me that, OK?


This is what joy sounds like when it's punching you in the face with a lot of rings on: once THE ORPHANS ' JENNY QUITTER showed up in formal attire--something we insist on for every visitor to the show--it was suddenly Are You Too Late For The Prom?. SOUTHPAW's buddy DARBINA (the third Stooge) showed up to intern and played a listenable Exploited song--yeah, we didn't know they existed either. Then SAM and KAT did some trans-area-code bonding (Was someone licking urinal cakes? Or did we dream that?) and then we took pictures. Also: LADY MIZZ was not present because this show was too trendy. Also: Are You Too Late For The Trend? celebrates one month without posted playlists!


Oh, sweet mystery of etc.! This show just got cuddlier and tipsier as the night staggered on, which is just how we wanted to spend our V-day. Three hours of unprotected aural sex--because remember, if it ain't unprotected, it ain't true love. LIVE AT FIVE (which is now LIVE AT TWO) put THE STARVATIONS into heavy rotation, despite well-intentioned prank calls by members of certain prominent LA bands who just got their hair cut (All we ask: Where's my burrito, hot stuff?) and lots of heavy breathing by all parties involved, plus a special surprise visit by TARA and SONDRA to jam the Are You Too Late For The Trend? slumber party into giggly high gear. Say goodnight, girls: "Goodnight, girls!" ALSO: Lady Mizz now on MAKE OUT CLUB; adjust your teenage lust appropriately. Why playlist when we can dance?


LIVE AT FIVE (which is now LIVE AT TWO) smashed a big glob of THE MEAN REDS all over the back window of your Honda Civic. Times were, of course, good, made better by our special intern helper Christine, and made as good as they could ever get when Christine punched Lady Mizz in the stomach live on the air! Gals, please! Anyway, even though Christine had never heard the Stooges, she did know who Bobby Pyn was and how to correctly spell 'Pyn,' thus we dub thee 'Southpaw.' Confidential to the sad-sack Cure fan who called in: no, seriously, it's called "Friday I'm In Love (With Your Mom)". Playlist when our moms give us a ride back home from the studio.


LIVE AT FIVE (which is now LIVE AT TWO) achieves something of a dream with a standard-setting live set by TOYS THAT KILL, who made us as proud as ever to have spent a few nights kicking around Pedro. Like the man says: "I love you, dude." And are they really playing a house party this weekend? Pinch me, commandant! Also: Barry wins a record, the ghost of Darby Crash makes the toilet flush like 1,000 times, and someone AIMs us on the air. Cruelle wurlde!


LIVE AT FIVE (which is now LIVE AT TWO) was thrilled to present SQUAB, four girls from the out-lying deserts that we've sworn by since, like, 1998. Pure joy. Other joy-related happenings: Lady Mizz calls in from tour in Seattle, Chris Z rants about politics, evil spirits cause minor technical difficulties. We prevail over the netherworld and eat a bagel, too. Uncollectable playlists of the past maybe soon.


LIVE AT FIVE (which is now LIVE AT TWO) brought you a rowdy set by THIS IS REVENGE, complete with live audio commentary track and severe technical difficulties! Lady Mizz was so appalled that the Revenge kids wanted to play a Megadeth record that she left an hour early, paving the way for a truly disturbing peek into a suburban Anaheimian mind. Plus: shout-outs to our Army of Jen, repeated warnings to to try and beat the trains, Greg from Orange wins some Starvations records, and we play worse music than ever. Good times, good times! Also: these playlists are shoddy and inaccurate at best.

The Pack Endtables Rhino 39 Los Reactors Flys Radiators From Space FU2 Elton Motello Normals G.G. Allin Screamers The Mad The Trend Anoushcka Et Les Prives Victims Stinky Toys Swell Maps Units Adam Ant Maggots Hollywood Brats Dils Stripes Castration Squad Raxola Hammer Damage Pere Ubu APOLOGIES FOR THE FOLLOWING COURTESY THIS IS REVENGE: Megadeth Sade Mott the Hoople Eddie Murphy BACK TO NORMAL: Nervebreakers Unnatural Axe Dogs (LA) Shitdogs Features Eppu Normaali Public Image Ltd. And there's more but man, playlisting is boring.


Clear your calendar for a special edition of ARE YOU TOO LATE FOR THE TREND?: ALL FUNK NO PUNK! Our first show of the new year: three hours of the best honkin' rhythm and blues, soul and funk from the 1950s to the 1970s, because that's where all this rock 'n' roll came from in the first place. This is the shit oldies radio is still afraid to play: Esquerita, Big Maybelle, Bunker Hill, Don and Dewey, Emannual Laskey, the Casualairs, Bobby Davis, our buddy Butterball and more than you could ever believe possible. Listen drunk with someone you love and thank us when you wake up naked together in the morning. UPDATE: Not one single phone call! See you in HELL! Also: we'll probably do a rare complete playlist for this one, so you can actually track down all of these bands for yourself. And when we get more web space, we'll put this on permanent archive.


LIVE AT FIVE takes a field trip to the hinterlands with 909ers THE VACCINE live from RADIO BEAT STUDIOS in beautiful Bellflower, California! They win the dubious honors of being the first band ever to make it to the studio without being pulled over and the first band to sass back Lady Mizz Chickenhawk and live to tell the tale. Lots of self-indulgent interview fun, a rare Alf record that sounds a lot like Stiv Bators, and a guy who called up for a song about a relationship that's been totally destroyed. We owe you Flipper, OK?

Modern Lovers Psycho Surgeons The Next Dishrags Celibate Rifles Fingers The Accident Purple Hearts Nubs The Beat Hunches Bastards Shits Skunks Los Reactors The Curse Rainbows Adam Ant Dils Sights Destruction Unit Adverts Okmoniks Heart Attack Stitches FM Knives Pandoras THE FOLLOWING COURTESY THE VACCINE: Turbonegro Cramps Fuckemos Alice Cooper T. Rex Love Fear (by request) Jawbreaker Electric Frankenstein Heartbreakers The Take Epoxies (by request) Alf Stiv Bators


No LIVE AT FIVE, but we slashed up the holidays with hours of the most depressing downer music we could find. All our listeners are probably dead now. Playlist when we go from depressive back to manic. Nods to the guy who called in and yelled, "I'M DEAD!!!!"


LIVE AT FIVE drags you into a future that never was with THE BOLIDES live from RADIO BEAT STUDIOS in beautiful Bellflower, California! They were a delight to work with and despite all the noise, they really were a polite bunch of nerds. Also: Danny Nipples from Whittier actually won our record giveaway, DJ Officer Krappenshauer finished his paper on Philip K. Dick, Lady Mizz Chickenhawk could neither confirm or deny the existence of eggnog-flavored lube, and Enid from Socks And Sandals called in. And we figured out how to make fake links. See below.

Electric Eels Features Joneses Victims Tits Ramblers Red Cross Idols Braineaters Kids Inverted Triangle Nerves Buzzcocks Lost Kids Deadbeats Child Molesters DMZ Bags Fast Cars The Mad Tapeworm Dogs Big Balls and the Great White Idiot Sonics Don and Dewey Rene Hall Orchestra Barbarians Esquerita Johnny Thunders Haskels Metal Urbain Devo Stooges La Peste Checkers Sharp Ease Wire Pere Ubu Distraction Angelyne Undertones and as always, approximately twenty bands we don't remember.


LIVE AT FIVE cowers before the power of THE FUSE! This show was amazing. They got pulled over during a live on-air phone interview and Lady Mizz Chickenhawk debuted his big box of rare records. Too bad it has now disappeared forever. We did interview the Fuse! afterward; if anyone wants, we can put that up. Um, sure. Also: this live set will be released on BROADWAY JUNGLE RECORDS sometime early in 2003 as a split with the Starvations. So get those checkbooks ready! Because for $100 American, we'll give you a playlist!


LIVE AT FIVE was proud to present THE SHARP EASE! These four girls are the pinch in the ass people been weeping for around here. Catch them now or chase down the bandwagon later! Remember, Sharp Ease fans: "Pussy bumpin'--do it for the kids!" Also: any playlist worth waiting for will never ever come.


LIVE AT FIVE continued with a set at 5 AM by Orange County Posh-Boy-punk-band THE BROKEN BOTTLES.

The Distraction Nouveaux Riches Private Vices Swell Maps Rezillos Suicide International Strike Force Rogers Sisters The Finger The Beat Arlo Stenmit And His Hammerkids Ramones Stripes No Talents Mary Monday Stooges Accident Cramps Snuky Tate Replacements X (LA) Pylon Glass Candy And The Shattered Theatre Go-Go's Prima Donnas (by request) Sick Things Fuses Paul E. Ester And The Cruel Shoes Black Market Baby Subtonix Pinkz Pandoras Liliput Randoms Radio Birdman Slits Bears and a bunch of other bands we can't remember



This will never be playlisted.


CANCELLED due to RADIO BEAT STUDIOS guy staying too long in VEGAS. Believe us that we are rescheduling at the earliest opportunity.

The Stooges Nervous Eaters The Lewd The Users Mad Virgins Avengers Day-Glo Abortions Nick Lowe The Stalin Dogs (France) X-Ray Spex Consumers Adolescents Killjoys Gun Club Testors Lost Sounds Voidoids Suburban Studs Jag-Offs Registrators DOA Dickies Eater Proletariat Glueams Urinals The Freeze Theoretical Girls Big Boys Teengenerate The Briefs Idols Replacements Embarrassment The Haskels Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Crispy Nuts Toy Dolls Toys That Kill Dictators Primmers TSOL Radio Vago La Polla Records Filth (Holland) Nikki and the Corvettes Esquerita Holly Golightly Reigning Sound Monks Scientists Seeds Modern Lovers Tip-Tops Nuns Agent Orange Circle Jerks Black Randy and the Metrosquad Flipper Descendents Red Cross Mission of Burma Buzz Mummies Saints


Chris Z sicks out. Sorry.


DJ Officer Krappenshauer tells a scary story about a movie he saw on the Travel Channel; again, someone requests a Stooges song. Later Chris Z cleans the KUCI bathroom to keep this show on the air. We hope that appalls you.

Angelyne Oblivians Hollywood Brats Really Red Star Club Soul Agents The Suburban Reptiles Angry Samoans Sado-Nation Dogs (Iowa) Menace The Sniveling Shits Slaughter and the Dogs Wipers The Only Ones Heartbreakers Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Black Flag The Jam Buzzcocks The Accident The Controllers Stitches (by request) Wire The Raincoats The Feelies The Nerves Flowers The Crowd Stooges (by request) Fear Pylon Zero Boys Dils UXA Devo (by request) Yah-Mos BellRays Donnas The Metros Shove Undertones Purple Hearts Simply Saucer Warsaw Dicks Broken Bottles Termiti Viletones


DJ Officer Krappenshauer sicks out to interview at Target (update: still unemployed); Chris Z flies solo into the long dark. And is too lazy to make real links tonight.

Long Tall Shorty Undertones Alan Milman Sect Plugz The Fuse! Deadbeats (LA) Scientists Adverts Swell Maps Weirdos The Doll Los Microwaves Marie Et Les Garcons Slits Runaways Stripes The Brat Vibrators X (LA) Damned Cramps Clone Defects Pagans The Beat (LA) Au Pairs Loli and the Chones Snuky Tate Bikini Kill Feederz Vomit Pigs Pere Ubu Modern Lovers Dead Boys Real Kids New York Dolls Cheifs Eyes Rezillos Destroy All Monsters Jean and the Statesides Proud Scum Wipers Vulpe SS Crime Eddie and the Subtitles Subway Sect The Take Magazine Contortions La Peste Dead Moon The Eat Go-Go's Stooges (by request) Huggy Bear Avengers X (Australia) Lipstick Pickups Peer Pressure Scars The Fuses Prag Vec


No show; attending wake for Matty Luv.


Ramones (by request) X (Australia) Devo Registrators The Brat The Dogs (LA) Penetration Negative Trend David Bowie Stooges Sonics Replacements Red Cross The Pets Dead Kennedys (by request) The Orphans Black Flag Pretty Girls The Weird Lovemakers A Frames First Alert The Okmoniks The Prima Donnas PIL Jean and the Statesides The Normal The Sharp Ease Sex Pistols The Skulls Panther The Starvations Saints Teenage Head Gizmos Plastic Bertrand The Raped Alan Milman Sect La Peste Rocket From the Tombs The Spits The Outsiders (Netherlands) Adam and the Ants VKTMS Victims (Australia) Electric Eels Cherry Vanilla Rezillos Radio Birdman Fun Things Guilty Razors

And a special Hickey and Fuckboyz retrospective. R.I.P. Matty Luv, 1968-2002.

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