Playlist For 1/03/06

*New Release

Song Artist Album Genre or misc.
Convoy in the Sky
Jello Birafra & Mojo Nixion Prairie Home Invasion Country
American Skiies
Havalina Rail Co. America Country
Ambivalence Waltz
Andrew Bird Music of Hair Folk/Country
16 Horsepower For A Decade of Sin: 11 Years Country
I Wanna Be Free
Femi Kuti Another World Is Possible World
Take The Lord Along With U
King Britt & Sister Gertrude Sister Gertrude Morgan R&B
Okonkle Y Trompa
Jaco Pastorius Self Titled Jazz
Off Balance
Ghislain Poirier Breakupdown Rap
How Do You Really Feel?
Breakestra Hit The Floor R&B
1000 Tiny Footprints
the Press The fine art of a white label R&B
Les Claypool's Frog Brigade Purple Onion Rock
The Art of War
Dj Spooky vs Dave Lombardo DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid Rpm

*Into The Woods My Morning Jacket Z Rock
How Men Die In Their Sleep
Lydia Lunch Drowning In Limbo Jazz
Crash Reconstruction
Different Self Titled Rpm
*Pick Up Your Raygun
the gris gris For The Season Rock
F.S. Blumm Zweite Meer Exp
The Sporting Life
Decemberists Picaresque Rock
Snake Drive
R.L. Burnside A Ass Pocket of Whiskey Blues
So Long Baby Goodbye
the Blasters Blasters-testament Rock-a-billy
*Mexican Wine
Tarantella Esqueletos Rock
Japancakes If I Could See Dallas Rock
Grow Sound Tree
OOIOO Gold & Green Exp
Duty, Duty? Duty
More Dogs Never Let them Catch You Rock
Amina Ammamina Rock
It Wasn't Much of A Fight
Club 8 Strangely Beautiful Rock
*Strip Mall Glass
Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes The Witch's Dagger Rock
*If I Were In Hella I Would Eat Lick
Hella Homeboy Rock/exp
Vasen Live in Japan World
I Wanna Die
Jolie Holland Catalpa Folk
Nur Ein Wort
Wir Sind Helden Von Hier An Blind World/pop
Dikoye Pole
Zhanna Bichevskaya Rough Guide to the Music of Russia World
The Color & The Light
Jennifer O' Connor The Color & The Light Rock
*Funky Guru
Prem Joshua Asian Lounge World
*Take Care
Hot Chip
Coming on Strong Rock
*Brass & Skins Fantasy
Critical Brass Sustain The Chain Jazz
*Kel's Vintage Thought
Magnetophone The Man Who Ate... Rpm

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