Playlist For 1/31/06

*New Release

Song Artist Album Genre or misc.
Star Spangled Bannor Minor and Other Drinking Songs
Carla Bley Band European Tour 77 Jazz
Your Next Bold Move
Ani Defranco Reckoning Folk
Dirty Three Cinder Rock
Film Music
Electrelane Rock it To the Moon Rock?
Carlos Chavez Complete Chamber Works II Classical
The Great Western Road
David Byrne Lead Us Not Into Tempation Soundtrack
Gang of Four Entertainment!/Yellow ep Rock
Without MSG I Am Nothing
McLusky The Difference Between Me and you... Rock
Dinosaur jr You're Living All Over Me (reissue) Rock
*Strip Mall Glass
Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes The Witch's Dagger Rock
Time Has Come Today
the Embarrassment Blister Pop Rock
*We Built Another World
Wolf Parade Apologies To The Queen Mary Rock
The Whistling Song
Meat Puppets II Rock
Baby Out of Jail
Knitters Baby out of Jail Country
I've Kept Singing (feat. Paul Robeson)
Time Fite Gone Ain't Gone Country
Constantly Under Surveillance
This Is A Process of A Still Life Light Exp/rock
I'm Not Down
Thea Gilmore Uncut-White Riot Vol 1 Rock
*Coin-Operated Boy
The Dresden Dolls Dark Caberet Goth/industral
Birdie Brain
The Fiery Furnaces Blueburry Boat Rock
Magnum Opie
Drums & Tuba Battles Ole Exp
*Pick Up Your Raygun
the Gris Gris For The Season Rock
Out of Space
Frank Comstock Project Comstock Exp/soundtrack
A Final Warning
Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness Exp/rock
*Keeping you Alive
Gossip Standing in the way of control Rock
*That's Pep
Tortoise & Bonnie "prince" Billy The Brave & the Bold Rock
Love Is A Deserter
The Kills
No Wow Rock
*Higher Then the High Road
Drazy Hoops Hey Sunshine Rock
Love Is All Non-Album Song Rock
The Love Gang
Raveonettes Chain Gang of Love Rock
La Breeze
Simian Self Titled Rock
Listen Up
Bis Social Dancing Rock
A Snowy 3 Miles
Con Dolore Sailor's Warning Rock
Decisions, Decisions
Nobody & The Mystic Chords of Memory Tree Colored See Rpm/Rock
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
Thievery Corporations feat Gunjan Da-Nang Disc 1 Rpm
Bogle Dance
Buju Banton Jamaican Music d4 Reggae
HouseWife's Choice
A Casual Look
Chris Darlin Kim Fowley Underground Animal Rock
That Certain Door
Smiley Lewis Shame Shame Shame R&B
Clothide Swinging Mademoiselles World

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