Playlist For 3/6/07

*New Release

Song Artist Album Genre or misc.
Papa Roosevelt
Los Jardineros The Best of Los Jardineros World
No Me Deseperes Ska Cubano Ay Caramba! World/Ska/Raggae
*Sanctuary Antibalas Afrobeat Orcheatra Secutrity World
Fugitive Song Jo-Jo & The Fugitvies Jamaica To Toronto: Soul Funk & Reggae 67-74 Reggae/Soul
Tomorrow's People-The Children of Today McDonald & Giles Acid, Bellbottoms + Breakbeats


Desculpe, Baby Os Mutantes Everything is Possible! Rock/World
Raga Dos Raios Lula Cortes E Ze Ramalho World
We Are The Sleepy Heads Belle & Sebastian The Life Pursuit Rock
*We're From Barcelona I'm From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends Rock
Relatively Good Times Imitation Electric Piano Blow it Up Burn It Down Kick it 'Til it Bleeds Rock
The Pike Matt Death & The New Intellectuals Death on Pacific Rock
*Everything Has Changed Lucinda Williams West Country
Reckless Burning Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter Reckless Burning Country
On The Low Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions Sprout Soundtrack Rock/Soundtrack
Amuauringon Tuntuinen Paavoharju Yha Hamaraa Rock
I'm A Gone Down To The Green Fields The Places Songs For Creeps Rock
False Hearted Lover's Blues Ralph Stanley Self Titled Country/Bluegrass
Grassthighs MV & EE with The Bummer Road Green Blues Rock/Exp/Country
*The Ballad of Sean Foley Maria Taylor Lynn Teeter Flower Rock/Country
Get To Leave Howe Gelb Sno Angel Rock
Banana Ghost Man Man Six Demon Bag Rock

Happy Hearts Okkervill River Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See Rock
Practice Makes Perfect Wire Chairs Missing Rock/Punk
Rifle Eyes Clouddead Ten Hip Hop
Our Angel's Ululu Deerhoof Reveille Rock
Intro: Hello Popartz Blockhead Music by Cavelight Hip Hop
Cello Suite No. 1 J.S. Bach Cello Suites: Lynn Harrell Classical
River Man Nick Drake Five Leaves Left Rock
Leaving the Past Immortal Technique Revolutionary Vol. 2 Hip Hop
It's All Around You Tortoise It's All Around You Post Rock
Bird Stealing Bread Iron and Wine The Creek Drank the Cradle Rock
*The Universe! Do Make Say Think You, You're A History In Rust Rock
*Geography SJ Esau Wrong Faced Cat Feeding Collapse Rock
Pinky Satanic Pornocult Shop Issue #11 of Vovo rpm/pop
Late Night Slumber Party Musik Rock/Rpm
*Freak Out (Gold Chains Panique Mix) My Brightest Diamond Tear it Down Rpm

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