Playlist 3-7-06

*New Release

Hail To Whatever You Found in the 
Sunlight that surrounds you-Rilo Kiley                                                                                The Exectuion of All Things-rock
Not A Train Song-Andrew Bird & his Bowl of Fire                                                          Free download from yr 2000-rock>?
Mexican Wine-Tarantella                                                                                                     Esqueletos-country/rock
Behind That Locked Door-My Morning Jacket                                                                 For A Decade of Sin-country
What Voltage is The Moon-Zephyrs                                                                             Bright Yellow Flowers-country
*Nom De Plume-Calexico                                                                                                   Garden Ruin-rock

Red Head-Blanche                                                                                                              For A Decade of sin-country
*Blue Moon of Kenturcky-Wanda Jackson                                                                         I Remeber Elvis-country
True Life Blues-Bill Monroe                                                                                                Sixteen Jems-Bluegrass/country
Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone-Carter Family                                                             Carter Family 27-34-country
I Can't Believe You Actually Died-the Microphones                                                         Song Islands-rock                

I've Got To Know-Woody Guthrie                                                                                   Unrelased (film credits to Bob Roberts)-folk
*Rabbit Fur Coat-Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins                                                       Rabbit Fur Coat-Rock?
Down in The Valley of Hollow Logs-handsome family                                                    Through The Trees-country-rock
Turn That Airplane Around-I See Hawks In L.A.                                                               s/t-country
Christ For President-Billy Bragg & Wilco                                                                         Mermaid Avenue-rock
Chicken Walk-Hasil Adkins                                                                                               Out to Hunch
Bales of Cocaine-Rev. Horton Heat                                                                                 Holy Roller-rock-a-billy-bob
Me N' Opie-Br5-49                                                                                                             Live From Roberts-country
Callin' Baton Rouge-New Grass Revival                                                                         Anthology-country
My Four Reasons-Bano Heuy Robertson                                                                       Folks, He Sure Do Pull-jazz/blues
*Sur Le Chemin Chez Moi-Soileau Couzens                                                                 Cajun Country 2-country/zydco
Where Did you Sleep Last Night-Leadbelly                                                                   Goodnight Irene
I've Got Mine-James Mathus                                                                                             Play Songs for Rosetta-blues

I Dreamed I Searched Heaven-Thee Spivies                                                                J & R's Rockabilly Western-rock
This Is How We Do Things In The Country-Slim Cessna's Auto Club                         The Blovdy Tenent Trvth Peace-country
Save A Prayer-Mavericks                                                                                                Trampoline-country/gos
Thank Ya'-The Cambell Brothers                                                                                    Sacred Steel On Tour!-R & B-rock
*Too Soon, Too Late-Dirty Three                                                                                    Cinder-exp/rock
Devil's Playground-Gram Rabbit                                                                                     Music To Start A Cult To-rock
Alms-Grails                                                                                                                        Red Light
*Slow Blues-Vast Aire, Timbo King, Prodigal Sunn & Byata                                      Think Differently Wu-tang-rap
Feeast of The Mau Mau-Jackie 0 M..............                                                                Change-exp
Stright A's In Love-Magik Markers                                                                                  I Trust My Guituar-exp                                      
Untitled-Neutral Milk Hotel-                                                                                              In The Aeroplane Over The Sea-rock
Faith Opaque-Paper Bag                                                                                               No Age-Rock/exp

Bad News From The Stars-Stereo Total                                                                       Discotheque-rock
Les Lumieres pt2-Bell Orchestre                                                                                    Recording A Tape....-rock
Close The News-Ghislain Poirier                                                                                   Breakupdown-rap
Ground Control-Sage Francis                                                                                        A Healthy Distrust-rap
Fiddle With The Volume (GP remix)-Lady Sovereign                                                 Vertically Challenged Ep-rap
A Final Warning-Caribou                                                                                                The Milk of Human Kindness-exp

Placcaggio-Ennio Morricone                                                                                          Crime & Dissonance-soundtracks
Maintain Discipline-Meat Beat Manifesto                                                                     Off-Center-rpm
Girls' Night Out-the, Knife                                                                                                Deep Cuts-rock/pop
Stolen Days-Innaway                                                                                                       The Real Real oc Mix-rock
Rocketship-Shiny Toy Guns                                                                                           We Are Pilots-rock/pop
To The outside-Damon Arron                                                                                        The Funky Precedent-rap/pop
*No Origin-Prefuse 73                                                                                                    Security Screenings-rpm
Self Evident-Ani Defranco                                                                                             So Much Shouting So Much Laughter-rock
Velouria-bad plus                                                                                                           Give-jazz
Marie Elena-Roland Alphonso                                                                                      Step On it-ska

*Dumb Hammer-Why?                                                                                                   Ruber Traits-rock

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