Playlist 3-21-06

*New Release

16 Military Wives-The Decemberists                                                                     Picareque-rock
Dry Drunk Emperor-Tv On The Radio                                                                   Free Download-rock
Six Days-Dj Shadow                                                                                               The Private Press-rpm/hiphop/pop
Rocket USA-Suicide                                                                                              S/t 1st album-exp/rpm
Disorder-Joy Division                                                                                             Unknown Pleasures-rock
Schizophrenia-Sonic Youth                                                                                    Sister-rock

Honey In Your Ears-Blackblack                                                                             Demo/ep-rock
Panda-Dungen                                                                                                        Ta Det Lugnt
Sing About Me-Papas Fritas                                                                                Helioself-rock
*This Isn't Farm Life-the Essex Green                                                                  Cannibal Sea-rock
*Another Sunny Day(clean)-Belle & Sebastian                                                   The Life Pursuit-rock
Where Damage Isn't Already Done-the radio dept                                            Lesser Matters-rock
Outer Space-the Pressure                                                                                    Hey Brother 4-rock
Cowboys From Outer Space-66% Chick                                                            Chez Vous-rock
Moon Beam-Hotel X                                                                                              Residential Suite-rock/exp
Empty Box-Morphine                                                                                             Like Swimming-rock

2/4-Havalina Rail Co.                                                                                          s/t-country
Havalina Live! 12-03 Dipizza's 

Just-Mark Ronson                                                                                                Exit Music-rock
*So Many Ways-Mates Of State                                                                         Bring It Back-rock
History Lesson pt1.-minutemen                                                                          Double Nickles-punk
Depression-Black Flag                                                                                        Decline Soundtrack-soundtrack/punk
Lexicon Devil-Germs                                                                                           M.I.A-punk
Anarchey In The uK-Ukrainians                                                                          Respublika-rock/punk
Where's The Freedom-Subhumans                                                                   From The Cradle To the Grave-punk
Oliver Twisted-the Vaslines                                                                                The Way of The Vaselines-punk
*Last Dance-Exene Crevenka & the Original Sinners                                     Sev7en-Rock-a-billy

*I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine-Wanda Jackson                                      I Remeber Elvis-Rock-a-Billy
Let's Forgive Each Other-Bad Livers                                                                Horses In the Mines-bluegrass
*The Charging Sky-Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins                                   Rabbit Fur Coat-country/rock
Boyd's Journey-Damon Albarn/Myman                                                            Ravenous Soundtrack-soundtrack
Sleeping Butterfly-Beachwood Sparks                                                             S/T-country/rock
It Never Changes To Stop-The Books                                                              Lost and Safe-exp

Blues Subtitled No Sense of Wonder-Gastr Del Sol                                      Camoufleur-exp
Song of Our Country-miles Davis                                                                     Sketches of Spain-jazz
Hot Shades-DAAU                                                                                            We Need New Animals-exp
This Vacuum-Steve Fisk                                                                                   448 Deathless Days-exp

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