Playlist For 5/8/07

*New Release

Song Artist Album Genre or misc.
California Sun
Dictators, The Go Girl Crazy


*Comfy In Nautica Panda Bear Person Pitch Rock
*My Impure Hair Blonde Redhead 23 Rock
*Ocean Night Song Laura Veirs Saltbreakers Rock
*Another Ballad For Heavy Lids W/ Your So Great Stars of The Lid W/Blur Live Dj Mix And their refinement of Decline W/ Self titled Rock/Expermental
Sepulchral Velocity The Sound Screaming Zenith Expermental
Glass Vase Cello Case Bondfire Madigan A Decade of Song Rock/Expermental
Factory Forehead Crash Course in Science Self Titled Expermental
He'd Send in the army Gang of Four Entertainment Rock
Get Anywhere Blow up Blow Blow up Blow sampler Rock
Murder Matt Death & the New Intellectuals Preview of songs from the Upcoming Death on Pacific Rock
A Fire in The Forest David Sylvian The good sun Vs. the only Daughter Rock
Don't Let The Sun Your Grievience Daniel Johnston The Late Great Daniel Johnstion Rock
The Dreams of Children (Live) Jam Dig the New Breed Rock
Roscoe Midlake The Trails ofVan Occupaiter Rock
Religion I Public Images LTD Kid Loco another Late Night Rock/Rpm
Just A Lie Joy Shannon Joy Shannon Sampler Rock
*Rainbow Warriors CocoRosie The Adventures of The Ghosthorse & Stillborn Rock
*Japan CocoRosie The Adventures of The Ghosthorse & Stillborn Rock
Corpus Christi Miss Derringer V/A Alright, Just The Girls Vol.2 Rock
Lost Highway Greg Ashley Medicine Fuck Dream Country/Rock
*Never Again Blanche What This Town Needs Country
The Calming Seas Beachwood Sparks Self Titled Country/Rock
*Green Up Time Mirah & Tara Jane O' Neill V/A Play Childerns/folk/Rock
Song For The Whales Petra Haden Imaginaryland Folk
La Vie En Rose Mia Doi Todd The Unaccompanied Voice Comp Vocal/Pop
Port Authority Band Slim Cessna's Auto Club Jesus Let Me Down (live Disc) Country
Screen Door Uncle Tupelo No Depression Rock
The Whistling Song Meat Puppets II Rock
*Booty Run Calvin Johnson & The Sons of the Soil Self Titled Rock
Sabotage Matson Jones Four Song Ep Rock
*Tram 21 Electrelane No Shouts No Calls (It's OUT at Last!!!!!!) Rock
*To The East Electrelane No Shouts No Calls Rock
*At Sea Electrelane No Shouts, No Calls Rock
The Parting Surfaces Drums & Tuba Battles Ole Rock

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