Playlist For 5/22/07

*New Release

Song Artist Album Genre or misc.
Back Home Again In Indiana Jim Nabors Live at the Indy 500 1993 Vocal
Rockin' The Freeworld The Moog Cookbook Self Titled Rpm
*Rhythm Dance Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid Tongues Rpm
2=3 Babils The Joint Between Rpm/Jazz
Patterns of Parklands Differnet Expanding Universe Part 1 Rpm
Freeidea Anavan Anavan Rpm
The Captian the Knife Silent Shout Rpm
*Yawny & The Apocalypse Andrew Bird Armchair Apocrypha Rock
*A Stork Crosses The Danube Taraf De Haidouks 20 Ways To Float Through Walls Rock/World
Huyu Odote Daniel Aliangana From Eldoret To Sighthill World/Folk
*Do I Disappoint You Rufus Wainwight Release The Stars Rock
Bright Blue Tie Fiery Furnaces Gallowsird's Bark Rock
C'Mon A Sunny Day In Glasgow The Sunniest Day Ever Rock
*Dead + Rural Handsome Furs Plague Park Rock
Float Sissy Wish Beauties Never Die Rock
Bad Education Tilly & The Wall Bottoms of Barrels Rock
*Wash Off Deerhunter Fluorescent Grey Expermental
Blow It Up, Burn It Down Imitation Electric Piano Blow It up Burn It Down Kick It 'Til it Bleeds Rock
*13 Houses True Primes We Have Won Rock
*New Crimes Parts & Labor Mapmaker Rock
*Atlas Battles Mirrored Rock
*Without MSG I Am Nothing
McLusky The Difference Between Me & You Is That I'm Not Fire Rock
Nova Feedback Chrome Alien Soundtracks Rock
Madame Oraculo NAU The Sexual Life of The Savages Rock
Eine Symphonie Des Grauens The Monochrome Set 7"up Rock

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