Playlist For 11/17/09

*New Release

Song Artist Album Genre or misc.
The October Man Bill Nelson The Love That Whirls Rpm/pop
*Blue Night (remix) Dj Rapture Solar Life Raft Rpm
*Before Tigers Health Get Colors Expermental/Rpm
*The Trees Grew Emotions & Died Cold Cave Love Comes Close Rock/Rpm
*Phantom Limb Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport RPM
21 Ghosts (Part 1) The Silures All You Can Eat Ep Rock/Rpm
Contemporary Emotions The Units The Early Years on the Units 77-83 Rock/Rpm
New Model Army Radio Pyongyang Commie Funk & Agit Pop From The Hermit Kingdom Rpm/World
When You Write Ten In The Swear jar Accordion Solo! Rock
Coyote's Song Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory Tree Colored See RPM
*Fish Sauce Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins Fascinating Fingers RPM
*Bulbul Tarang Moodring Scared of Farret Expermential
*The Slayer Evangelista Prince of Truth Expermential/Rock
Wooden Ghost Explode Into Colors The Sean Rocky Zach & Dekum Tape Rock
*No Time, No Hope New Times Viking Born Again Revisited Rock
*Easy Answers These are The powers All Aboard Future Rock
Always For You The Album Leaf Into The Blue Again Rock
Mean Things Blue Jungle Baby Don't Cry Rock
Risingson Massive Attack Mezzanine RPM
Electorate Rival Consoles IO RPM
*Eureka Talk Normal Secret Cog V1 Expermental
Anything you Synthesize The American Dollar A Memory Stream Rpm
Time Is The Enemy Quantic The 5th Exotic  
*Disco Loco Lord Newborn & The Magic Souls Self Titled Rpm

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