Playlist For 12/12/06

*New Release

Song Artist Album Genre or misc.
Man In The Bed
Dave Alvin Ashgrove country
Old Downtown
Laura Cantrell Humming By The Flowered Vine country
Turn That Airplane Around
I See Hawks In L.A. Self Titled Country
Amps For Chirst Every Eleven Seconds Expermental/rock
Left Ear (Greensboro Senior High Song)
Henry Flynt & Nova'billy 7" Inch Single rock/exp/country
the Ex Joggers & Smogers punk/exp
Many Chosen Few
Microwave Background The Lark rock
The Night John Lennon Died
Los Angeles, CA Radio Radio Archival Oddities spokenword/exp
The Night John Lennon Died
-New York, NY Radio Radio Archival Oddities spokenword/exp
End Of Set ONE Set Two Is A Rare LP Spot Light of The Brat    
Swift Moves
The Brat Attitudes punk
Attitudes The Brat Attitudes punk
Starry Nights The Brat Attitudes punk
High School The Brat Attitudes punk
Leave Me Alone The Brat Attitudes punk
End of Set Two      
Tony Randall
Bikini Kill Reject All American punk
Run Away
Joy & The Hit Kids The In Kraut Vol. 2 Rock
Liliput Liliput/Kleenex rock
Hotel California
Cat Empire Like A Version rock/world
Amy Winehouse Back To Back R&B
Y' Make Me Shake
Lullabye Arkestra Ampgrave rock
Did I Step On Your Trumpet
Danielson Ships Rock
End of set three      
Lost In The Supermarket
Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra Another World Is Possible World
Burn Baby Burn
The Residents Worm Wood rpm/rock
Young Folks
Peter Bjorn & John Writers Block pop/rock
French Toast Ingleside Tarrance Rock
*Don't Die In Me-Bryce Panic (Nighttime In The Delta Mix)
Mirah Joyride:remixes rpm/rock
End of set Four      
*One Hour Empire
Broadcast The Future Crayon Rpm
Sonic Youth The Destoyed Room Rock

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