Dan Young's Home Page

When not hosting Philharmonic Infierno, I eke out a living programming for Irvine Compiler Corporation. We make an Ada compiler for aerospace. I am also finishing a degree in English at UCI. I have no free time whatsoever. I recommend T.V. dinners because they're fast and convenient.

I am a part-time fiction writer and get my pulp published now and then. Current favorite authors: Chaim Potok, Don DeLillo, Annie Dillard, Tim O'Brien, Tobias Wolff, Stuart Dybek, Mary Karr.

My wife teaches at the University of California, Irvine, while finishing her Ph.D. Click here to hop over to her professional page.

I have been one of the Literacy Volunteers of America for more than four years. LVA provides free literacy education for adults -- we tutor anyone with difficulty in reading, writing, or navigating paperwork. For information on volunteering in your area, call (315) 445-8000.

I occasionally bang on percussive instruments with Orange County's revolving musical-poetic circus of mayhem: Instagon. Don't ask about the Charlie Manson gig--you don't want to know.

I am an NRA certified firearms instructor, and a competition shooter. Check out my handgun training page.

Like Harry Partch, I am a missionary kid. If you want to know more about my childhood, hop over to my brother Tim's page. Yes, we all have beards; so did Harry.

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