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Links to the Land of Musci (er, music)

Most of the classical links are on the main page, but for more links in the same vein, check out the Post-Classical FAQ.

Net New Music is a directory of current composers on the web. Highly recommended.

For you frankophiles, IRCAM has been making innovations in music, electronic and otherwise, for a long time. So has STEIM, if you speak Dutch.

If you're into found sound, check out those loveable boys in The Evolution Control Committee, or their patron saints, Negativland.

You can get audio samples as well as text info, discographies, etc, at the The Odd Music Page or the highly recommended Tomb of the Unknown Composer.

Crash Worship is such a phenomenon that they have two sites.

EST Magazine is highly recommended; also check out browbeat and the Jap Noise Page

Indiana University has compiled a large list of Music Resources on the Internet.

The KFJC Edge of Obscurity Music Database has reviews and discographies, and you can add comments to any entry.

People whose pages you should check out: Malcolm Humes (links, Theremin page), Christopher DeLaurenti (composer), Kenny Goldsmith (DJ, author), Seth Tisue (playlists, list of music lists). Chris Koenigsberg (improv, misc. links)

KUCI isn't the only station on the airwaves--there are others.


Take Mosaic's tour of the Internet

You can read Bruce Sterling's The Hacker Crackdown on-line.

Get my PGP key from MIT's PGP Public Key Server

Get everything free from The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Whip them web pages into shape!

Some people link all the WWW search engines they know. Here's the best of the bunch.

You asked for it, buddy...

Learn everything there is to know about guns, counter-terrorism, ballistics, and the miracle-polymer kevlar. It might come in handy when you visit The Crash Site.

You too can learn to build nuclear weapons, with a little info from The High Energy Weapons Archive.

I admit it, I'm an English Major. I'm not a libertarian; I just vote that way.

Peruse the sites of the governments of the world, or look up your favorite laws in the California Codes or the Federal Codes.

Hey, maybe you'll find your friends among the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.

The X-Files are cool (and 100% true!). So is WAXweb, although I don't quite understand it. None of it compares, however, to the weekly News of the Weird.

If you visit the Rectal Foreign Bodies Page, you'd better go straight to Confession. I think the same goes for BME: the Body Modification Ezine or Sabina's Bodyart Page(s).

There are a lot of Electronic Magazines out there. Don't believe it, eh? Then here's a giant list.

Support the small press, and the deadbeat English majors who publish therein! Check out the Underground Press Conference, or the "Extremely Weird Republicans" at Permeable Press. Read Mary Anne's stuff and peruse The Unit Circle. These folks can ease you into the scene, or go straight to the mother lode, Factsheet 5 On-line.

Since the KUCI management lost the keys, I have to pick the locks on the classical cabinets every Sunday. If you want to learn to pick locks , click here.

Find out how your local congresscritter voted, and send snail-mail or email.

Tip for cheapskates: what did I give my girlfriend for Christmas? Anagrams!

The William S. Burroughs and Matthew Weathers Files


You must join the L.A. Cacophony Society. Even if you don't live here.

Show me the traffic! Or maybe you'd do better consulting the magic eight ball.

What are Twinkies made of?

And what's the weather like?

Random Links

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