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Ben Yu, MD - "Sleep Apnea"

Gail Fernandez, MD "Self injurious behaviors"

Kirk McNagny, MD, "Should Non-medically Trained Psychologists Be Prescribing Medications?"

Joel Kotin, MD, Psychoanalyst, "Marriage and Relationships"

Valerie Brooks, "Tantric Sex II"

Walter Brockelmans, MD , Psychoanalyst, past TV Talk show host "Relationship Therapy"

Douglas Kahn, MD "Anxiety Disorders, and Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy""

Layne Dalfen "Dream Interpretation"

Kenneth Sokolski, MD "Autism"

Susan Hutchinson, MD "Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder"

Marty Edinger, patient with schizophrenia.

Jennifer Keiner, MD "Physician Burn-out and Stress".

Gerald Maguire, MD - "Stutterring"

Gerald Maguire, MD - "Scizhophrenia"

Gus Alva, MD - "Bipolar Disorder"

Gus Alva - " Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease"

Rimal Bera, MD - "Asian-American Pscyhiatry"

Bernie Siegal, MD -"Love and Medicine"

Bart Blinder, MD -"Eating Disorders"

Chris Reist, MD -"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"

Kathy Frechen, MD -"Military Psychiatry"

Bill Callahan, MD -"The Image of Psychiatry"

Gail Fernandez, MD -" Child and Adolescent Psychiatry"

Julie Osborn, LCSW - "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy"

Sheri Zampelli, MS - "Self-Sabotage"

Tudy Trgovac, OT - "Occupational Therapy"

"Kalili" - "Hawaiian Medicine, and Spiritual Healing"

Nathan Lavid, MD and Tom Grayden, MD "Forensic Psychiatry".

Chong Kim, MD "Psychiatric Disorders in the Medical Setting".

Sandra Bowers, Actress/Model -"Body Image"

Michael Elam, MD- "The Psychology of Beauty"

Marjorie Belsky, MD "Chronic Pain and Psychological Disorders"

Daniel Amen- " SPECT scanning and ADHD"

Minnie Reynoso -"Interview with a Patient with Bipolar Disorder"

J. Sedurifa, T. Ortiz, C. Gordon, MD, B. Yu, MD [panel] - "Intercultural Dating and Relationships"

D. Goldberg - " Hypnosis"

Prithpal Singh, MD and Andrew Burt, MS3 - " Medical and Psychiatric Education and Training".

Jody Jacobson, Pharm D. " Fad Dieting and Eating Disorders"

Jody Rawles, MD -"Sports Psychiatry"

Arom Evans, MD -"Drugs of Abuse"

T. Ortiz -"The Psychology of Being American"

Denise Hernandez, MD - "House Calls in Psychiatry"

Valerie Brookes - "Tantric Sex"

Over Two Dozen Shows co-hosted with Mimi Burns, discussing Depression, Medications, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Relationships, and General Psychiatry.