fractals are interesting things. recursive mathmatical patterns that seem to evolve before my eyes as i trace an obvious line of demarcation around and around. they surround us. they are everything. there is not one naturally occuring texture, pattern, structure, that is not fractalled. there is not one manmade object that does not obey the same laws. yet, they are chaos. isn't chaos bad? chaos equals anarchy, right? anarchy is bad, too, isn't it? they really are not one and the same. and i don't believe either of them are 'bad' or 'evil' either.

for every order, there is equal and opposite disorder


why do we fear chaos? it is what most likely created us. it is mandela, shiva, creator and destroyer of life. it is the algorithim on which the universe is founded. brownian motion. the curlicue of incense smoke. the growth of a fern.

turbulance. is the nature of nature.