Goofy Stuff

Okay, this is goofy stuff. Theres nothing here except this explanation, and a link back to home. You'll probably never come back to this bit, because its not really goofy or anything. I mean, how goofy can a boring link be? With only some obviously ungoofy lamer excuse why theres nothing goofy to laugh at. You're probably sitting there thinking, "what a complete idiot and moron... I just wasted .2 calories clicking on this link, just to find out theres really nothing good to read or look at. Now I have to click AGAIN to get out of here. Thats like a whole Cheeto, down the tube!" Thats ok. If you're REALLY offended by this, I'll buy you a Cheeto. Only one though. Send me an SASE. Anyway, There's really nothing here. You can stop reading now. Really. There's no more to see. Stop. Stop! STOP! Oh, you probably want my address to send your SASE to for that Cheeto. Well, thats part of the fun. Write your info on a envelope with postage, put it in an envelope. Write a note saying, "Please send me my promised Cheeto.", stick it in with the SASE. Address the outer envelope. No, I'm not giving you my home address, you have to guess! Just mail it at random. You'll get your Cheeto.