...can you hear me? darling? ah you sleep so soundly. i find myself both enthralled and bored that you are not awake. i cannot tear myself away from your sleeping form, no matter how i try. i look, and look, and look again. i drink in your presence, your countenance, like cool water from a garden hose in july. i keep kissing your face, and you murmer and smile in your sleep, stirring occasionally. your smell fills the room. there is only you. ah, i am tempted. i kiss your foot. your ring toe. its little leftward curling under, the tiny painted nail. i kiss your ankle, i kiss your nose. i wish for a moment i was nothing but a huge, human-sized pair of lips so i could kiss all of you at once, just once or twice. i kiss your elbow, its slight roughness. i kiss that unbelievably soft fold behind your earlobe. i want to lie here all day and watch you sleep. the shifting sunlight sliding across your reclined form. and watch you sleep through the night again. i know you wont sleep that long, but i can wish, cant i? i kiss your belly button. i wish i could be you, and you could be me. i wish we could be i instead of us. that we could be truly one. thats how comfortable i am with you. i kiss each of your nipples, lingering on them. i kiss the folds of your fragrant flower, inhaling its necter deeply. i linger here, too, for some time. i feel creepy, though all feel is love and gentleness from you, i still feel strange pleasuring an unconcious someone. even if its you, love, i do feel so. ah, i stop smelling the rose and you stir, a hunger. you will wake soon, i smell the coffee now, it must be almost done. i kiss you on your throat, and then your chin. i kiss your lips, and your eyes flutter open. good morning, love! was your sleep well? are you rested and refreshed? ah, it is well. some coffee for you? yes, yes, wake and stretch, rub away the sandmans grains. ahhh, better? good morning! a kiss, my love?