Background Information

I moved from Canada to California in August 1999, and moved to Colorado in September 2003.  I am happily married and living in Denver. In 2005 we welcomed our our son Elijah (March) and bought a house in Aurora. In 2007 we welcomed our second son, Miles (February). 

My Stats
Name: Melissa
Birthday: January 11
Marital Status: Happily Married
Anniversary Date: February 15
Spouse's Name: Geoffrey
His Birthdate: April 11
Family Stats: 2 Sons (Elijah, Miles) Mom (Carey), Dad (Wayne) (1950-2003), Brother (Colin), 2 Sister-in-laws (Dawn, Meghan), Brother-in-law (Mike), 2 Nephews (Dylan, Ryan), Cat (Honey)
My Favorite Colour: Currently, it's blue
My Favorite Animal: Honey, Giraffe
Last Movie I Saw In Theatres: Ocean's 12
Recent DVDs Added To My Collection: Ocean's 13
Favorite TV Shows (currently on air): House, Pysch
Favorite Foods: Potato Chips, and anything Geoff cooks
Last Book I Finished: The NonrunnersMarathon Guide For Women
Books I'm Reading: The Bible, Perelandra (C.S. Lewis)
Favorite Bond: Pierce Brosnan
Favorite Restaurant: Ruth's Chris Steakhouse