About Us

Sarah began the show in July of 2003. The war in Iraq had begun and the lack of dissent on the air waves was disturbing. The main focus of the show was political in nature, concerning issues of war and peace, free speech, media issues, and civil liberties. Some guests were Greg Palast who wrote "The Best Democracy Money can Buy," and Jodie Evans from Code Pink.

The show has evolved to include indigenous rights, workers rights, environmental, spiritual, and health issues with a more encompassing theme of issues which effect all realms of Peace. Sarah covered the Immokolee farm worker's struggle to achieve a 1 cent raise per pound of tomatoes picked, and interviewed Rebecca Robles from the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians regarding their confrontation with a private Catholic School over building on ancient burial grounds.

Black History Month every year is when special attention is paid to commemorate and recognize people and events from the past and present. Special audio archives from the library of congress are played as well as interviews with individuals who have contributed to the memory and celebration of the likes of Zora Neale Hurston who wrote "Their Eyes were watching God."

From deforestation and water privatization to the dangers of mercury in amalgam dental fillings, Sarah looks for people and issues marginalized in the mainstream media to hand a megaphone to.