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January 20, 2006

Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships is the topic that adresses the following questions What is healthy sexuality? What is love? Where do we get our definitions of these concepts? What prevents people from finding sexual fulfillment and love in an intimate relationships? Author Joyce Catlett will describe the major barriers to developing intimate sexual relationships. She will explain the concept of the critical inner voice, a system of negative thoughts and attitudes toward one's self and others that contributes to relationship distress. Joyce Catlett, MA is co-author of Fear of Intimacy, and is collaborative author with Robert W. Firestone, PhD on over 20 articles and ten books including The Fantasy Bond. Ms. Catlett is also the producer of The Glendon Association's 40 video productions including a nine-part series on Couple Relations and Sexuality. Ms. Catlett is a co-author of Sex & Love in Intimate Relationships.

December 30th, 2005

Did you know 2005 is the "World Year of Physics?" The theme is derived from the 100th Anniversary of Einstein's discoveries on light quanta, Brownian motion and the special theory of relativity. Join in the celebration with a look at Einstein's life as a Peacenik with a talk by Lawrence Badash of the University of California, Santa Barbara (emeritus). He describes eloquently Einstein's complex and evolving worldview and his steadfastness to pioneer social responsibility by scientists.

December 23rd, 2005

Claude Anshin Thomas went to Vietnam at the age of 17 - When he came back he struggled with post-traumatic stress, drug and alcohol addictions, isolation, couldn't hold a job, went from one relationship to another, and even homelessness --- not unlike many headlines you see today of the soldiers coming back from Iraq.

He has written At Hell's Gate: a Soldier's Journey from War to Peace which is Thomas's dramatic coming-of-age story and a spiritual travelogue from the horrors of combat to discovering a spiritual approach to healing violence and ending war from the inside out. He shares timeless teachings on healing emotional suffering and offers a practical guidance in using mindfulness and compassion to transform our lives.