Links Having Nothing to Do With Music

-- If John Waters owned a store, it would be like this. Great corny, campy videos and dope t-shirts.


-What it says!

Dysfunctional Family Circus - I was making my own F.C. parodies for a while, and of course they were funnier than the ones on this site, but this guy invests time into web design that I don't have. Submit your own evil captions to these stupid cartoon panels. I might even scan in some of my old hits. :)

Slashdot - News for Nerds: Except I enjoy it immensely so it can't be just for ner......uh oh. Reviews and downloads of the newest and "beta-iest" software available for Linux

The Onion - Great weekly parody paper, but ignore the "Letters from the Publisher," they're never funny and actually cause stress in lab rats.

iDOT.computers - Where I bought the pooter that I'm making this page on! Great prices, and I almost got the computer for free b/c they forgot to bill me. Try your luck!

Above: Anne Bonny, my favorite pirate. What's yours? What do you mean you don't have a favorite pirate? Shame on you. Find one here.

Buy.Com - They really do have the lowest prices on Earth. Where I bought all the rest of my computer shit.

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WarezList - Where to find the list of sites that has the list of sites that have almost any pirated software you could want.


The ACLU - Think twice before disrespecting this group. It may be *your* sorry ass they stick up for next. I'm a proud, "card carrying member", as they say.

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Free Software Foundation - Find out why giving up your source code is actually GOOD for your business!

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Art Crimes - Urban art an' shit, yo.