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The Love Language - Lalita (Self-Titled)

Monday, March 16, 2009
review by Perry Chavez

The Love Language

I knew something good was coming when I heard the first few seconds of Lalita’s tempo explode into energetic drums and a muddy distorted guitar. The Love Language intricately mixes 60s pop with a modern lo-fi sound that resonates deeply within the listener due to the feel-good vibe it provides. This song proves a good first single off of the Love Language’s debut album because of the sweet and simple quality of the guitar and chorus. The pulsing drums make you want to get up and dance the night away like no one is watching, affirming the band’s self description of “western swing.”

The song sounds like it comes from somewhere innocent and sweet while maintaining an almost ominous undertone because of the reverb placed on seemingly everything and the hidden nature of the singing. Stuart McLamb’s vocals blend in the background of the song and I wish it they were more prominent and audible, because I would love to scream along to this song and become part of the music. The singing makes me imagine what sad, yet uplifting love story the Love Language front man is trying to keep from me. Lalita amps you up and ends abruptly leaving you with a sensation of restlessness. I wanted the song to never end because it was so inviting and catchy. You’ll find yourself singing “Lalita, don’t you hate these kisses” before you know it.

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