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Matt & Kim - Yea Yeah (Self Titled)

Sunday, March 1, 2009
review by Joanna Clay

Self Titled

Heralding from Brooklyn, New York, the dynamic duo of Matt & Kim prove once again that hipster punk pop is anything but fluff with their new single “Yea Yeah.” With loaded lyrics tackling those things that, well, suck, it makes me happy that they can smile and play while doing it. A little hair tossing never hurt anyone, right?

Their self-produced music video is just so cute. It makes me want to pull on a white tee, grab a guitar, and be part of their paper constructed band set. Apparently the lyrics and playfully ferocious food-fight are portraying the classic human problem of sweating the small stuff. In interviews, Matt uses common annoyances like fines and tickets as examples of how he lets things build up to become larger issues. If only a pie to the face was the biggest of our problems.

As of January 20, their newest album Grand is now available on Fader label. I warn you though, upon purchase you may not be able to stop banging pans and dancing on your kitchen table.

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Matt & Kim - Yea Yeah (mp3)


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